Williams nearly ready for annoucement

Michael Williams is one of the top defensive backs on the West Coast and he is preparing for a return trip to the U.S. Army All-American game.

As a sophomore Michael Williams (5-10.5, 187 pounds) attended the U.S. Army combine. He wasn't auditioning for a spot in the game at that time. In fact, at that moment he was just excited to be surrounded by the top high school football players in the country.

"At that time, looking at the athletes that were in the game that day, and looking at myself, I thought, ‘I have a long way to go‘", Williams recalled from his experience. "Now I'm just looking to have a good time. The players that go to the game all do well in college. It‘s pretty amazing."

Like a number of the participants, Williams will announce his college decision during the game. Williams is expected to choose between Notre Dame and Michigan.

"I'm pretty close to making my decision. I'm not 100 percent, but I think I will announce at the game," Williams said. "With Notre Dame, I like the tradition, academics, and the atmosphere when I'm there.

"Michigan was my first scholarship offer. When I looked at the campus, the school, I liked everything. I really like the facilities and the help they provide for the student athletes. The alumni network competes with Notre Dame. Notre Dame's network is pretty crazy, but Michigan is right there with them, so that's impressive.

"When you have to make decisions for yourself they're a lot harder than they appear to be," Williams explained. "I thought it would be a simple decision and it's turned out to be the hardest decision of my life. You have you life in your hands, and you can choose two different paths. It's a decision that will shape the rest of your life.

"Initially I think both schools were looking at me for cornerback, but then they found out I really hadn't played corner. They watched tape of me and saw that I was more of a safety type. Michigan thought I'd be best as a nickel back and Notre Dame thought I'd be more of a safety."

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