January Stock Report: The Final Push

There is just over a month before the 2007 recruiting class will be finalized. Notre Dame has 16 commitments, but there are still several holes that need to be filled. The U.S. Army game is shaping up to be a very important day for the Irish.

Notre Dame has room for 25 recruits in this class, but with 12 recruiting targets remaining it is unlikely that this class will reach its capacity. It is also unlikely that Notre Dame will extend any additional scholarship offers. The last additions to Notre Dame 2007 recruiting class will likely come from the group below. Eight of the twelve will announce their decision during the U.S. Army game on January 6.


Joe McKnight: He named a top three and Notre Dame was surprisingly one of the teams listed, with USC and LSU the other two. There was a report a short time later that said he had eliminated the Irish. That wouldn't be a surprise but I have heard that he still plans to visit. I haven't been able to confirm with Joe, but I will have that chance in a couple days. Regardless I don't see him picking Notre Dame. USC's backfield is too crowded so he'll end up at LSU. Stock: Sell

Robert Hughes: He will make his decision known during the U.S. Army game. He is down to Notre Dame and Illinois. Martez Wilson has been in his ear trying to convince Hughes to follow him to Illinois. Illinois offers playing time, an opportunity to be a part of a very good recruiting class and a 2-10 program. The Notre Dame backfield will be a little more crowded, but I think Hughes thinks beyond football. Stock: Buy

Matt Summers-Gavin: He is down to Notre Dame and Cal. He may announce during the U.S. Army game. Matt hasn't been answering calls so it makes it difficult to get a feel for what he'll do. He would be a very good fit for Notre Dame, but I'm not sure Notre Dame has room for another interior offensive lineman in this class. Stock: Sell

Chris Little: Supposedly he has made a decision and it isn't good news for Notre Dame. He was quoted as saying that he would announce to Florida State this week. I suppose I should take this at face value, but I haven't been able to confirm that anything has been scheduled for today. The next available date will be the U.S. Army game. There is a lot of drama surrounding this and maybe that is by design. Despite all the signs… Stock: Hold

Matt Romine : He will announce during the U.S. Army game. Matt is down to Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Miami. We've said all along that this will be a battle between Notre Dame and Oklahoma. It's very close, but I think Notre Dame has separated themselves a little. Stock: Buy


Will Blackwell: He hasn't set an announcement date, but he will need to make a decision soon. He is down to Notre Dame, LSU and Florida. Will is probably the most important recruit remaining considering Notre Dame's need at defensive tackle. Will hasn't been answering calls, so I don't have a good feel for what he is going to do. I am getting a little concerned that this one is dragging on. Stock: Hold

Ben Martin : It appears Ben will also announce at the U.S. Army game. He will decide between Notre Dame, Ohio State, Florida and Tennessee. Most think this has always been a race between Ohio State and Notre Dame. Florida fans believe they have pushed the Irish out. Then again, they thought Armando Allen was a lock. I'm slightly optimistic about Ben, but not enough to recommend. Stock: Hold

Chris Donald: He has made his decision and he will announce at the U.S. Army game. This has been a Tennessee-Notre Dame battle for several months. The Tennessee crowd is awfully confident and that concerns me a little. Mike Frank is slightly optimistic while I'm slightly pessimistic. Stock: Sell

Malcolm Smith: He has been quiet for a long time. He hasn't taken any additional visits and he hasn't set an announcement date. USC, UCLA and Notre Dame appeared to be the top group of schools. Notre Dame was considered a long shot early on but they might have a legitimate chance at landing Smith. Stock: Hold

Michael Williams: He's another U.S. Army game announcement and he will select either Notre Dame or Michigan. He recently told me that he knew what his decision would be. He also said that Notre Dame was recruiting him as a safety. I'm not sure this is a priority for the Irish and I think he has been leaning to Michigan for awhile. Stock: Sell

Lorenzo Edwards Another big U.S. Army game announcement. Edwards will decide between Notre Dame, Florida, Michigan, Georgia Tech and Clemson. Once again, Florida fans think this guy is a lock. I believe he will pick either Notre Dame or Michigan. I've liked where Notre Dame has been with him for a long time. Stock: Buy

Major Wright He surprised a number of people by listing Notre Dame among his final four teams. Many people think Ohio State is the team to beat. Florida fans think he is a lock of course. USC is still in the mix. He has said that he will make a visit to Notre Dame. If he does actually visit, I will upgrade Notre Dame's chances, but for now… Stock: Hold

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