Junior Lineman makes an Impression

Offensive lineman Josh Jenkins of Parkerburg High School (W.Va.) ventured to the U.S. Army junior combine held in San Antonio this past weekend to see where he stacked up against the top players in the country. As it turned out, Jenkins discovered that he is one of the elite offensive line prospects in the nation.

Josh Jenkins (6-foot-3.5, 285 pounds) wasn't sure what to expect when he left for the U.S. Army combine last week, but he certainly was happy with the results. Jenkins was dominant throughout the one-on-one linemen drills and earned a spot on the first-team U.S. Army All-Combine Team.

"I thought it was awesome," Jenkins responded when asked about his experience in San Antonio. "I was sore the first couple days after I got back, but I'm better now.

"I think it was a really cool thing to compete against the elite players. There were some really good guys on the defensive side of the ball. There was a lot of speed out there. I think there were some big defensive tackles with speed. I thought I handled myself pretty well and I thought I went down there and competed well.

"I think my strength is that I have good feet," Jenkins explained. "I think that's good because most colleges are moving to zone blocking, so if you have good feet you can get to the linebackers and get out to the next level."

Josh has scholarship offers from Ohio, Virginia Tech, Marshall and West Virginia. In September he accepted one of those offers, but with a coaching change in Morgantown Jenkins intends to see what other schools have to offer.

"I committed to West Virginia, but I want to visit other schools to make sure of my decision," Jenkins said. "I liked the offensive line coach Rick Trickett, but he went to Florida State. I still like West Virginia. I liked the coaches up there. I like how they're up front with you. It's two hours away so my family can come see me, but I want to see what other offers are out there.

"I'm hearing from Notre Dame, Ohio State, Florida State, Florida, Oregon and USC, all the top schools really."

Last summer Jenkins attended the Ohio camp and the West Virginia camp. Both experiences built his confidence.

"The big thing that West Virginia and Ohio kept telling me is how coachable I was, and they liked that about me," Jenkins said of his camp experience. "Both of those coaching staffs have been up to see me in an actual game.

"I haven't thought about any camps this summer, but I'll probably go to the combines."

Although Jenkins has lived in West Virginia since he was seven years old, he wasn't a die-hard Mountaineer fan.

"When they came to recruit me I started to like West Virginia, but I've really been a USC fan," Jenkins explained. "Since I was little I was always telling my mom how I wanted to play football there. I always talked about Notre Dame too. Those two schools just stick out to me. I was actually born in College Station (Texas).

Jenkins ran a 5.2 second forty-yard dash and a 4.6 second pro agility at the U.S. Army combine. He benched 185 pounds 25 times and had a 28 inch vertical jump.

As well as playing on the offensive line, Josh also plays defensive end. Last season he registered 96 tackles, six sacks and ten tackles for a loss. With that productivity he might have defensive coaches knocking on his door.

"I just want to play football," Josh said. "But if they want me to play defense, I'll play defensive line. I see myself as a offensive guy in college though.

Jenkins reported a 3.5 g.p.a. He plans to take the SAT in the spring.

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