Mutual Interest Between Reamon and Notre Dame

Tommy Reamon has played Sega Genesis with Aaron Brooks, Playstation with Michael Vick, and Playstation 2 with Marcus Vick. He grew up around the three talented quarterbacks, so it's no wonder the Newport News, Va., product has become a sought after signal-caller in the 2008 recruiting class.

Reamon's father Tommy, a running back at Missouri before moving onto the NFL, coached those three quarterbacks during their prep careers. He also served as a mentor, and those three guys frequented the Reamon household, and played with young Tommy.

Now, Reamon is honing his son's skills at the position.

"I guess when you talk about Tommy, fortunately and unfortunately you have to talk about the other quarterbacks I've coached," the elder Reamon began. "When people ask me where does Tommy fit in, I say he has his own flavor. He is very accurate, very intelligent, knows the game, has escape ability. He doesn't have a rocket arm but he is so accurate, and has been taught very well."

The 6-foot-2, 190-pound Tommy Reamon showed that on the football field this past season. Helping his father rebuild Gloucester, he completed 88-of-176 passes for 1,100 yards and seven touchdowns. He rushed for another 400 yards and seven more scores, and was named second team all-district behind U.S. Army All-American Bowl selection, Tyrod Taylor, who is headed to Virginia Tech.

While father can take credit for teaching his son the game, the original basics came from another source.

"I credit Michael for being the first one of out the three to start teaching me how to throw," Reamon said. "I was about eight or nine then."

A lot has happened since.

Michael Vick was in town and saw Reamon on Tuesday. Maybe he also saw all the mail that has been delivered from colleges possibly interested in Reamon playing for them.

Reamon's father said his son has scholarship offers from Boston College and Georgia Tech. Notre Dame is one of the schools sending a lot of mail. Reamon just got an offer to attend the Irish's junior day at the end of January.

"I've always liked Notre Dame growing up, because of the program and the history," Reamon said. "They've always been a good team year in and year out. I guess I had a tendancy just to like them."

Reamon likes Notre Dame enough to include the school in his early top-five favorites with Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State and Maryland.

Reamon reports running a 4.5 40-yard dash at the Los Angeles Nike Camp last year. He has been to camps at Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Maryland. He has been on unofficial visits to Virginia, Miami, Maryland, North Carolina State, North Carolina and Georgia Tech. Not to mention, many stops at his father's alma mater when he was younger.

The latest stop in the Reamon tour was San Antonio for the U.S. Army National Combine, Jan. 5-6.

"That was a real great experience, it really opened my eyes seeing the best players out there and how I compared," Reamon said. "I felt that I was one of the top quarterbacks there. I still have things to work on, but so does everybody."

"From a coach's point of view, not a father's which is very delicate, I was saying this the other day, Tommy is one of the top quarterbacks in the country."

Both Reamons got a chance to watch Notre Dame commit, and the nation's top-ranked quarterback Jimmy Clausen play for the West. They are well aware of the stockpile of young quarterbacks the Irish have, but appear not to be intimidated. If Notre Dame turns out to be the right place for Tommy, than that's where he'll go.

"In today's world, it's all about competition, and I think I am one of the best around," said Reamon, who reports a 2.68 GPA and a 1020 SAT score. "I'm not trying to be arrogant, but there is going to be competition every where."

Reamon's father appears to be a big Charlie Weis fan, analyzed the Irish quarterback situation a bit, and also compared his son to Clausen.

"Tommy is just as polished as Clausen, I've seen tape on the kid, and we come from the best football in the state of Virginia," he explained "He does all the things you see on film with Clausen.

"He has that intellect, that strong arm, that accuracy, that teaching. It will be interesting to see how Weis and them look at Tommy.

"Notre Dame has so much rich tradition. I'm excited to see where Charlie Weis's head is and the NFL flavor he has brought in.

"We've got to really evaluate where Notre Dame is going to be with Clausen, and when he gets in there and shows his capabilities. Tommy has capabilities. He is a Troy Smith if you look at recent guys. He has some Mike Vick and Aaron Brooks. It's going to be interesting how it plays out." Top Stories