Parks is The Next Big Thing Out of Creekside.

There might not have been a tougher team to throw the football against in the country this past season than Creekside High. On one side of the field they had U.S. Army All-American Eric Berry. Opposite him was Terrance Parks, one of the most sought after players in the class of 2008.

The two cornerbacks were a quarterback's worst nightmare.

"Teams threw it about seven times per game, I'll give it that," said Terrance Parks, who is getting a lot of mail from Notre Dame. "That's because we were beating teams so bad they had to try and comeback. On a regular basis it was about four times.

That sounds boring.

"It was boring but we had fun coming up and hitting people," Parks said. "We loved to hit and that was fun, and when they did put the ball in the air we picked it off."

Parks finished the year with 45 tackles and three interceptions, and Creekside ended the season 12-1, losing to Irish recruit Cooper Taylor's Marist team in the Georgia state quarterfinals.

"I'm real aggressive," Parks stated. "I like taking chances. I look for big plays all the time. If it's run, I come up and hit you. If the ball is in the air, the ball is mine. The wide receiver has no chance. That's my mind set."

Parks also played receiver this past season, but will be the team's starting quarterback next season. However, his future on the next level is obviously in the secondary. The 6-foot-1, 200-pound Fairburn product already reports scholarship offers from Ohio State and Georgia.

Those schools, along with Florida, Florida State, Tennessee and Notre Dame have sent the most mail. Berry has committed to Tennessee.

"I got a chance to see them on TV," Parks said of Notre Dame. "As I watch the games and stuff, their fans seem real dedicated. The way they play football and their coach, just their whole football program, I like the way they play. The fans probably make the players feel right at home."

"I'd love to go up there whenever I get the opportunity to," Parks later said. "I'd love to visit them. Hopefully it would move them up on my list if I went to visit them."

Berry listed Ohio State, Georgia, Florida, Florida State and Notre Dame as his favorites.

The only camp Parks has ever been to is Georgia's. He doesn't remember his 40-yard dash time, but said he ran a 4.43 over the past summer. He also says he can bench presses 315 pounds, and squats 415 pounds. He also says he has a 3.5 GPA.

With a lot of players graduating from Creekside, Parks plans to stay in town and hang out with his new teammates instead of venturing off to camps across the country.

"I'm trying to get the feel of everybody so we can win ball games next year," Parks said.

Parks also doesn't plan to make a decision any time soon.

"I think my decision will go up until signing day. Right now I'm going to look over all my options."

Parks will have a lot of them, possibly, including Notre Dame. Top Stories