Making a Name For Himself

On a couple different Saturday's this past season, the North Harrison High football coaches shared a laugh while watching film of the previous Friday night game. All 11 players on the opposing defense got a hand on junior Bryan Schroeder, yet he was able to bob and weave his way into the end zone. Runs like that have made the Ramsey, Ind., product one of the top backs in the 2008 recruiting class.

With two straight seasons of rushing for over 2,000 yards, Schroeder has caught the eye of several colleges including Notre Dame, whom is sending quite a bit of mail.

"Indiana's been here, Purdue's been here," North Harrison head coach Jason Mullis said. "Kentucky, (Louisville), all of these people have made special visits letting him know they're interested. Georgia Tech is supposed to be coming in some time this month. Those are the big ones. He is getting letters from everywhere. Notre Dame is sending me stuff all the time."

Notre Dame has gotten a good look at the 5-foot-10, 215-pound back with 4.6 laser speed in the 40-yard dash, an impressive feat he accomplished at Ohio State's Nike Camp last summer. Schroeder also made it to South Bend for a day camp before the season.

"Wow," Schroeder said. "You've seen it in the movies and on TV and stuff, but I had never been on campus. We worked out in the (Guglielmino Athletics Complex) and took a tour of the stadium and ate in the press box. I got to tour the locker room and touch the Play Like a Champion sign."

Schroeder also met head coach Charlie Weis.

"It was cool, I touched his Super Bowl ring," he said.

Schroeder is a physical monster. His bench-press max was 320 pounds before the season. At the Nike Combine, he bench pressed 185 pounds, 22 times. He did the shuttle in 4.37 seconds, and vertically jumped 35.5 inches, for a Sparq rating of 85.76, the seventh highest at the combine.

"I didn't really pressure myself because I was only a sophomore at the time," Schroeder said. "I figured I'd get invited again. I just went out and had fun. There was a lot of talent, and you would see kids and coaches that already knew each other. I've been compared to better running backs like Darren Evans, and there is no way to compare me to someone else because of the competition. That (combine) is the only thing you can compare me on with other athletes, and I just went out there and had fun. I'm on a 3A football team and I don't play the competition the 5A teams play."

Maybe that's true, but Schroeder dominates the competition he plays against, and is an even 2,000 yards away from breaking Otis Shannon's Indiana state record of 7,560 career rushing yards. Last season, Schroeder ran for 2,043 yards on 185 carries (11.04 avg.) with 26 touchdowns. In a couple more games as a sophomore, Schroeder ran 225 times for 2,557 yards (11.36 avg.) and 32 touchdowns. That's over a first down per carry for two seasons.

"Bryan has a nice mixture of speed and power," Mullis stated. "He is a 215-pound back, but he still has that elusiveness and quickness that most 215-pound backs do not have."

"My sophomore year, I was really a more elusive back, I'd cut and make people miss," Schroeder said. "This year I added some pounds, hit the weights and I was running people over. I think I have great vision, and I'm pretty short and if you don't get as low as I am, you don't have a chance of tackling me."

Schroeder was also dangerous in the kick-return game. For his career as a three-year starter, he has 35 returns for 1,535 yards (43.86 avg.) and six touchdowns.

It's early, but Schroeder, who has a 2.9 GPA, has listed his college favorites as Notre Dame, Indiana, Louisville, Iowa and Purdue. He hopes to attend camps at all those schools this summer.

Schroeder has been on unofficial visits to Indiana, Purdue and Louisville for games. He was also able to make it to up to Notre Dame for a second time last year, attending the North Carolina game.

"I had been to several college football games, and that one seemed like the loudest," Schroeder said. "That was the place that had the most support from its fans. It was a great experience."

It would be an amazing experience to run out of the tunnel.

"I can dream of myself coming out of that tunnel," Schroeder said.

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