"More Gears Than My 10-Speed Bicycle"

Teaneck High (N.J.) head coach Dennis Heck has a dilemma. He is running out of tape, and college coaches keep calling him looking for a highlight reel of standout Rashad White, one of the most electrifying athletes in the recruiting class of 2008. Notre Dame is one of the many schools that have contacted Heck for a tape.

"They're going out of here fast," Heck said. "Wish I could sell them and make some money for the program. It's a great highlight tape."

The 5-foot-10, 175-pound Rashad White is one of the fastest players in the country. In San Antonio at the U.S. Army National Combine, in cold and wet conditions, White said he clocked a 4.36 40-yard dash. He backs that speed up on the track, where he placed 13th at nationals in the 200-meter dash. His personal best is a 21.4 in the 200 meters, and that was as a sophomore.

White, who lists himself as an athlete, but plays running back, already has verbal scholarship offers from Syracuse and Pittsburgh, and written ones from Rutgers and Cincinnati. He is getting mail from everywhere, and some of those letters are for track. He has been getting interest from LSU, TCU, Florida, Miami and Seton Hall regarding his sprinter skills.

"I really want to run track," White said. "Hopefully I can get a track scholarship to the same school for football."

White's speed is obviously evident on the football field. This past season he carried the ball 289 times for 2,450 yards (8.47 avg.) and 26 touchdowns. In two seasons, White has rushed for a school-record 3,536 yards.

"All the guys coming here say he is a Reggie Bush type runner," Heck said. "He has great hands, unbelievable vision, and I've never coached a kid as fast as him. He has more gears than my 10-speed bicycle."

"I have to say I'm physical, but not the biggest guy in the world," White said. "Most of my runs were tough up the middle and I had break-away speed."

Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis thinks enough about White to send him two handwritten letters.

"One was that he'd like to see film on me because he has heard a lot about me, and the second was seeing if I was going to come down.

"They have sent me a day to come visit, and they are going to show me a basketball game," White said. "Hopefully, I can get a way to go out there."

White has found away to get out to Michigan State, Rutgers, Maryland and Connecticut. He lists his early favorites in no particular order as Notre Dame, Rutgers, Florida, Maryland and Boston College.

At one of those schools, White hopes to play running back, but on all questionnaires he lists athlete.

"I put athlete, so wherever they need me, I can play," White said. "When I go off to college, I want to hopefully play as a true freshman.

"I want to be a running back in college, but at the same time, me and my trainer, we also work on receiving routes," said White, who caught five passes for 175 yards this season. "My coach gets me more involved in the passing game, emptying the backfield and things like that. We run an offense like Arkansas."

Heck said that Miami and Florida came by the school on Thursday to talk about White. He said that Notre Dame has been by, as has Michigan and Rutgers.

"It's just starting early," Heck said.

It's early, and Notre Dame has just a good a chance as any other school if they want one.

"One, because they are independent and play a lot of competition," said White, who has a 2.9 GPA. "They get a lot of TV exposure."

Sounds like a lot of film editing for future TV producers putting together a package of White's collegiate runs.

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