Moutra Makes Plays

Junior Antwon Moutra will be one of the most sought after high school prospects in the 2008 recruiting class. The star wide receiver from Culver City High School (Calif.) made a big impression on those that watched him workout at the U.S. Army National Combine.

Antwon Moutra (6-foot-3, 183 pounds) has the athletic ability to dominate a game. If you get the ball in his hands, he'll make plays. The Irish are well aware of his talent and it appears that Antwon will be one of their top targets in the upcoming class.

"Yeah, they've been sending me stuff," Moutra responded when asked if Notre Dame had been in contact with him. "I just got something that invited me to one of their junior days. I really don't know if I'll go, but I've been talking to my parents about it.

"I really like Notre Dame I wouldn't mind playing there I've been reading the things they've been sending me about the school, but I don't know that much about them. I spoke with coach Polian before the beginning of the year. He said that they are very interested in me, but we really didn't talk about an offer. He just said to keep working hard and to keep my grades up."

Notre Dame isn't the only school that has taken notice. Although he doesn't have any scholarship offers at this time, most of the top programs are filling his mailbox with recruiting literature. He's even receiving visits from the top programs in the West.

"Thursday coach Norton from USC came by school and Wednesday Oregon came for my basketball game," Moutra said. "I'm also hearing from Florida, Kansas State, Arizona and a few more.

"All the schools are pretty equal, but I have a few schools that I like. I like USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, Florida, Washington, Oregon and Cal.

"If I could stay home I probably would, but it depends on the options that I have and the offers that I have," Moutra explained. "It's not that I want to stay home, but I'll look at everything and then figure things out. It's equal between every school right now though."

Moutra posted huge numbers on both sides on the ball. On offense he had 73 receptions for 843 yards and 11 touchdowns. On defense he registered 80 tackles, six interceptions, three sacks and one fumble receiver that he returned for a touchdown.

With his athleticism and playmaking ability, Moutra could play several positions in college. Although he prefers offense, he really just wants the opportunity to play.

"I play free safety and wide receiver," he said. "I like offense better, because I like to score. We run the spread so I can't be too greedy, but I want the ball all the time. If I don't get it, it isn't a big deal, but I know I can make plays. I have confidence in myself that if the best corner is guarding me, that shows that I need to step up and have a big game. I need to stay focused and be ready to have all the responsibility on my shoulders. There's no other way.

"All things considered the position that I play [in college] really wouldn't matter because I like both offense and defense."

Moutra recently gained exposure to the best talent in the country when he competed in the U.S. Army National Combine where he was named All-Combine second team.

"I think it gave me the confidence that I can compete with the best," Moutra said about his experience at the national combine. "I thought it was pretty nice to see the top recruits and see what I need to work on as far as routes, catching and my speed. Overall I thought everything was pretty nice and I thought I did pretty good."

Moutra reported a 2.8 g.p.a. He is scheduled to take the SAT in March. Top Stories