Bryce Givens Receives Second Offer

If you like to watch tough kids battle in the trenches, offensive lineman Bryce Givens of Mullen High School (Denver, Colo.) is your type of guy. The junior is the next top offensive lineman to come from Colorado. Givens traveled to the U.S. Army National Combine not knowing what to expect, and he left as one of the top linemen at the camp.

Keep your eye on Bryce Givens (6-foot-6, 255 pounds), because he's going to be a good one. Some schools are just learning about the junior, but Notre Dame has been recruiting the lineman since last fall.

"Things are going well, Colorado recently offered and I've been talking to a bunch of schools," Givens responded when asked about his recruitment. "I haven't received a bunch of mail the last couple weeks, but I'm getting mail from Notre Dame, Oklahoma, USC, Colorado.

"I'm definitely interested in Notre Dame. I also like USC, Michigan and Nebraska. My buddy Nolan Brewster just got offered by Texas, so that's real exciting. I really don't know how much interested they'll have in me, but I'm interested in them.

In addition to the Colorado scholarship offer, Givens also has an offer from Kansas State. The Irish haven't extended their invitation, but they have hosted Bryce for an unofficial visit.

"We came for the North Carolina game," Givens explained. "I didn't know what to expect because I hadn't ever been in the Midwest before, but Notre Dame was really nice. I really liked it a lot. It's beautiful.

"Me and my dad went around and checked out the facilities. We went around campus to see as much as we could. We went and scoped out the baseball field and the basketball center. We looked at the weight room. I liked the golf course on campus, the lakes and the chapel. It's a really nice place.

"One of the biggest things I like about Notre Dame is the tradition," Givens said " I also like the fan support…that's big for me. I like their coaching style as well. I like coach Weis and all the coaching staff. When we were there before the game, we watched the pre-game and it really reminded me of what we do at my high school, so that's definitely a plus"

Nebraska is another school that will get serious consideration from Givens and he's also taken a visit to Lincoln.

"I went to the spring game at Nebraska this past year," Givens said. "One of my friend's parents is an alum, so I got to meet all the coaches and we got a chance to check out all of their facilities and campus. I liked it there as well."

Givens will get several more invitations to visit his top schools based on his recent showing at the U.S. Army Combine. The talent among the offensive linemen at the combine was extremely deep, and Givens was one of the best as he was named second team all-combine.

"I thought I did well," Given said of his performance in San Antonio. "I was kind of disappointed that I didn't get to be in the group with Mike Adams, and Mike Brewster, but overall I think I did pretty well. I have room for improvement, but in the one-on-one drills I think I did well. I definitely got a chance to see what the top competition was like from across the country. I go to see who was legit and how I matched up against them.

"I definitely think one of my strengths is that I'm a physical player. I'm aggressive. I have good feet. I'm a very good pass blocker.

"I'd say my weakness is my weight," Bryce said. "I need to gain weight and get an anchor. That's been a factor in my run blocking, because I don't have enough weight behind me, so I'm not as powerful as I can be. I'm looking to be around 280 pounds by next season and I think that will help a lot."

3.66 g.p.a. will take the SAT next weekend. Top Stories