Dever is Solid

Taylor Dever made Irish fans extremely happy when he pledged to Notre Dame in December. They'll be even happier when he arrives on campus. The offensive lineman from Nevada Union High School (Grass Valley, Calif.) might turn out to be the most pleasant surprise of the recruiting class.

Prior to announcing that he would play his college football at Notre Dame, Taylor Dever (6-foot-6, 292 pounds) was being bombarded by recruiters. Now a month after making his decision there are a few inquires and phone calls, but for the most part his life has returned to normal.

"I think things are pretty much done, there have been a few things in the mail and a few calls," Dever responded when asked schools were still recruiting him. "The only school that has really tried to contact me has been the University of Washington. Other than that I haven't heard from a lot of people.

"I'm kind of the local celebrity though. This is a fairly small town and I'll find myself walking through the grocery store and hear people say, ‘Is that the kid that's going to Notre Dame.' It's kind of overwhelming, but it's okay."

Dever has played offensive tackle through out his high school career, but he does have the ability to play either position. He recently got his first taste of guard and he enjoyed the experience.

"In a local all-star game out here I played guard for the first time and I loved it," Dever said. "I've been told that I was recruited for my athleticism. We actually had one play in our [high school] playbook where the tackle would pull, but that's mainly what the guard does. He pulls and traps and kicks out, and turns out the hole, that's probably the thing I enjoy the most.

"Notre Dame hasn't really told me what I'll be playing. I'm looking to get in [the game] as soon as I can. I want to work as hard as I can, and my main goal is to start. Whether that happens, I don't know right now, but I'm not a guy that is going to just be happy to be there. As far as them saying that I'd play guard or tackle, I don't think anything has been decided, I think it'll be where they need me most."

Notre Dame's annual spring football game has always been an opportunity for members of the recruiting class to meet their future teammates. Taylor would love to travel to South Bend, but he hasn't decided if he will make the trip.

"I would love to come spring game," he explained. "I want to talk to the coaches because that's definitely something that I'd want to do. I think that's important to go and show that I'm dedicated and to meet some of he guys. I have talked to Golden Tate. We've sent a couple of emails back and forth, but I really haven't talked to anyone."

They will all eventually meet June 18 when the football team reports for summer school. Until that happens, Dever will be working on getting into the best shape that he can.

"Right now I'm working out with three or four buddies," Dever said. "Once I sign Notre Dame will give me a lifting program. Once I get that I'll go from there, and come in prepared.

"I haven't decided if I'm going to play baseball this year. There is a possibility, but nothing has been decided."

With signing day approaching about the only sure thing is where Dever will play college football.

"I'm very solid with Notre Dame," he said. Top Stories