Top Programs are Targeting Brewster

Mullen High School (Denver, Colo.) has several Division I prospects that will return for their final season of high school football in 2007. One of the top players returning for head coach Dave Logan is safety Nolan Brewster.

Nolan Brewster (6-foot-2, 200 pounds) is a playmaker. Watch his film and you get the sense that you know he's around the ball a lot. Notre Dame's defense could use several more players that know how to find the ball carrier and they already have their eye on Nolan.

"I think I'm a smart player," Brewster replied when asked about his abilities. "I see the game, and understand the game a lot better than most kids my age because I've been around it most of my life. I think I'm a tough player. I might not be the biggest or fastest player, but I play the game tough.

"When you watch a team it has a certain type of charisma, a certain type of swagger that they have. When you watch a team like USC play, they know that they're better than the other team. You can see it in the way they carry themselves. I'd like to play for USC or Florida, because that's just how they carry themselves. The same thing goes for Notre Dame, and Texas – all the big schools, how they carry themselves, they know that they're going to beat their opponent. I would love to play for a team that.

Texas, Oregon. UCLA, LSU, Illinois and Minnesota have already offered Nolan a scholarship. Along with Florida, USC, and Georgia Tech Brewster has been in contact with Notre Dame.

"Coach Ianello has been texting me quite a bit lately," Brewster said. "He was at my high school earlier this year. I couldn't really talk to him because of NCAA rules, but we met briefly and then we've been texting each other since then.

"Our [high school] recruiting coordinator sent my name to Notre Dame and I've been receiving letters ever since. I sent my tape to them about a month ago and that's when things really started picking up.

"The history of Notre Dame is just unbelievable," Brewster said. "It's a top program, year in, and year out. They have a great coaching staff and great players every year. Before my dad got the [head coaching job at the University of Minnesota] we were talking about going to Notre Dame. I assume that we're still trying to get out there, but with my dad taking that job it will be a little tougher. I'd like to go with him, but I'll probably still take a visit out there."

During recruiting Brewster has several items that he wants in a college, and because his dad, Tim Brewster, is a college coach, Nolan understands the recruiting game.

"Academics is always No. 1," Nolan said of his needs in a college. "The [football] program, it has to be a good situation for me. I need to feel that the coaches really want me there. Schools will offer guys and then you never hear from them. I want to know that the coaches really want me to come play for them.

"I'll also look at location. I'm not really a cold weather guy, but if Notre Dame were to offer I'd definitely don't think that would play that much of a factor, so really it's the program, the school and the academics."

"I don't know if I'll be an early commitment," he said "I think I want to take all of my visits. If I feel like a school is the right place for me I'll commit, but I don't see that happening because I'd like to take my five visits.

Last season Brewster had 132 tackles and two interceptions.

Brewster reported a 3.2 g,.p.a. He will take the SAT this spring. Top Stories