Forston Is Thinking About Leaving Miami

Not a day goes by where Marcus Forston doesn't think about a better life. The standout defensive tackle for powerhouse Miami Northwestern scans his neighborhood and wonders about greener pastures. As one of the nation's top football recruits in the 2008 class, the 6-foot-3, 290-pound Forston will have a chance to better his situation.

"I can see me getting out of Miami, getting out of a bad neighborhood and experiencing different things," he said.

In helping Miami Northwestern to a 6-A Florida state championship, Marcus Forston racked up 96 tackles, including 20 sacks and two forced fumbles. Miami has already offered a scholarship. So has Florida, Rutgers and Ole Miss. Notre Dame is flooding the mail box, and Irish assistant Bernie Parmalee has been by the school to talk with head coach Roland Smith about Forston, linebacker Sean Spence and receiver Aldarius Johnson.

Forston is in awe by the attention. Just a couple years ago, he was a freshman starter on the varsity, and his older brother Dustin was a standout linebacker getting a lot of letters from interested colleges. His brother eventually inked with Florida Atlantic. Another older brother, Alexander, went to Florida A&M as a linebacker.

"When my brother Dustin used to get the all that mail I used to be jealous," Forston said. "I was like, I play varsity and I don't get any mail. My brother said you are younger, your day will come. You are going to be big, just wait."

He was right.

Forston began to make a name for himself nationally as a sophomore, making 65 tackles including 12 sacks. He intended camps over the summer at Rutgers and Miami. At the Rutgers camp, Forston said he clocked a 4.8 in the 40-yard dash. He also reports that he can bench press 365 pounds and squat 510 pounds.

"He is a kid that runs fast for his size," Smith said. "He is very athletic and has a motor that wont quit. He is very athletic on his feet."

"I come off the ball with explosion," said Forston, who has a 3.0 GPA and faces constant double teams.

"It doesn't work. Only way it works is if they double team me and a running back comes and chips."

Forston and Spence are the only two to start for Smith as true freshman, and both along with Johnson could be top-100 recruits in the 2008 recruiting class. In his first prep season, Forston had seven sacks.

"I've come a long way since my ninth-grade year," Forston said. I mostly focused on coming off the ball and bull rushing people. After I started working and learning the game more, that opened up some moves for me, and I know how to read the offensive line on every play."

Game reps played a huge part in improvement, but Forston has spent his fair share of time watching film. He can even be pulled away from another one of his favorite past times to review tape.

"Some days man, I don't eat lunch," Forston began. "Sean and Aldarious will come and say lets watch film. Some days we get lunch and go into Coach Smith's office and watch film. In games, when Sean calls it out, I already know what to do. Especially when he calls counter, I blow it up. Sean says, Marcus there goes the counter get in the hip pocket, and right there I know to turn on the horse."

Forston has only been on one unofficial visit. He attended last season's Miami-Boston College game at the Orange Bowl. It's too early for him to make a top five.

"But I know Notre Dame is in my top five though," Forston stated.

"I know it's a nice school. I like it academically. That is probably the number one thing I worry about. Football will always be there." I really want to meet their head coach. If he could come to coach Smith's office, I'd really appreciate it."

Forston also wants to be appreciated at the school he chooses.

"I want to go to school that needs help, that needs me. If they help me, I'm going to help them. I want to be an impact player."

He could be an impact player at Miami, but Forston could also see himself elsewhere. Top Stories