General's Son Interested in Notre Dame

Andrew Rodriguez's mother knew who to cheer for when the two were in South Bend for an unofficial visit for last season's Notre Dame-Army game. Her husband and Andrew's father is a two-star general and former Army football player.

"I don't think (Andrew) was rooting for anyone, I think he was just having a good time," said Bishop Ireton (Alexandria, Va.) head coach Peter Rotkis, who also made the trip. "His mom was rooting for Army."

The 6-foot-3, 215-pound Rotkis is one of the nation's best linebackers in the class of 2008, and has interest from all the nation‘s top programs.

"I know he has gotten letters from pretty much everybody," Rotkis said. Rodriguez does not have any scholarship offers yet. "It's one thing to get the letters, Notre Dame has been showing the most interest from what I understand, which is really good thing."

Rotkis has a brother that lives in South Bend, and was planning on making the trip for the Army game regardless. It just worked out that Rodriguez was able to come along. Rodriguez's father was too busy to make the trip.

"He really enjoyed his time there at Notre Dame," Rotkis said. "I think with how early the recruiting process is right now, we'll see on how interested he‘d be. His dad played football at Army, and he also likes the military schools. I think if there is an opportunity there, I don't know what he'll do, but I know he had a good time down there.

"We met the coaching staff, went to the Army game, and just pretty much got a tour of the facilities. We were on the field before the game and those kind of pre-game deals. We saw the team come out of the (Basilica) and walked over with them. Pretty much the game and got to talk to the coaches a little bit. I know he was there on Friday night and got to go to the pep rally. He really liked that."

Rotkis said that Rodriguez runs around a 4.5, 4.6 40-yard dash. He had over 100 tackles last season and was named to Virginia's all-state Independent team (private schools).

"Andrew is just, he has a nose for the ball and he is a sure tackler which is key," Rotkis said. "You see a lot of guys with a lot of good talent, but they are not the best tacklers. He really concentrates, and he has a lot of heart and instincts of where the ball is going to be. I bring him on the blitz a lot, and he has knack for getting in the opposition's backfield. He has good balance, can run pretty well. He is sideline to sideline, and he is just a really good player."

With rumors of Notre Dame switching to a 3-4 defense, Rodriguez could be a good fit in that defense as well. He also has the height to potentially put on another 15-20 pounds this coming season.

"Especially, he could be a defensive-end type," Rotkis stated. "He could be inside linebacker, outside linebacker, whatever. I think he would fit fine in that scheme because you are mostly bringing one of those backers on the blitz. With Corwin Brown being the defensive coordinator, I think he could excel in that type of defense."

Former Notre Dame receiver, Chase Anastasio, played his sophomore year at Bishop Ireton, before transferring to Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, Va. Top Stories