Clancy Makes it to Junior Day

Joliet Catholic Academy (Ill.) has produced a number of football players for Notre Dame and linebacker Nick Clancy could be the next Hilltopper to don the blue and gold for the Irish. Clancy is interested in the Irish and he attended last weekend's junior day.

Nick Clancy (6-foot-3, 213 pounds) attended Notre Dame football camp last summer in hopes that he would draw interest from the Irish coaching staff. It didn't happen immediately, but the Irish are on him now.

"I think it was sometime in December that I got my first letter from Notre Dame," Clancy said when asked about his recruitment. "I'm just hoping for some good things in the future. I'm just going to work my tail off and hopefully I'll get to don the blue and gold.

"I went to the one-day camp over the summer. I talked with coach Ianello and I got to a chance to get to know all the coaches a little bit. I thought it was a good experience"

Clancy made another trip to South Bend this past weekend as Notre Dame held it's first junior day for the 2008 recruiting class.

"It went real well. I enjoyed myself and I know my mom and dad did as well," Clancy said of the junior day experience. " When I had been over for the camp I didn't get a detailed tour like I did this time. I was impressed with the whole campus. We went to the Basilica, the grotto and took pictures. We went to the stadium and got a tour of the locker room and then had lunch.

"Coach Ianello sat at my table for lunch so I got to speak with him. He told me that he was looking at me for linebacker, but he only had a little bit of film on me from the Mt. Carmel game so he wants me to get him a good highlight tape so they can do more evaluations.

"As a sophomore I played outside linebacker," Clancy explained. "I was moved to safety [as a junior] because we really didn't have anybody who could cover that spot. Naturally I'd say that I'm a linebacker and I'm probably going to be playing that next season."

Clancy has been used on offense. It would be difficult not to utilize his talents wherever possible, but Nick prefers to knock people around on defense.

"This year I think I'll be playing a little more wide out," Clancy said. "I think our coaches are putting in a package that has me at wide receiver. I'd say I prefer defense though. I just like the chance to hit people. On offense you're preparing to get hit, so I like to be on the other side of the ball making the hit.

"[At linebacker] you get in the middle of the play, you don't have to wait around for the play to come to you, because you're right there…ready to stick someone."

Besides Notre Dame, Clancy is receiving recruiting attention from most of the Big Ten. Schools like Iowa, Northwestern, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Illinois have shown him the most interest at this time.

"I'd love to go Big Ten," he said. "Right now my top five would be Notre Dame, Iowa, Ohio State, Michigan, and Boston College."

Clancy reported a 3.5 g.p.a. He will take the SAT this spring.

Last season he registered 85 tackles, three interceptions, eight passes broken up, forced two fumbles and one fumble recovery on defense. On offense he had 10 carries for over 200 yards and two touchdowns. Top Stories