Irish Offer Defensive Line Prospect

When the Irish coaching staff designs a recruiting strategy for the 2008 recruiting class they will need to make plans to fortify the defensive front. Their plan went into motion this week as this Irish presented a scholarship offer to Sean Cwynar of Marian Central Catholic High School (Woodstock, Ill.)

Defensive line prospect Sean Cwynar (6-foot-4, 280 pounds) made a trip to South Bend for the Notre Dame junior day this past Saturday and made an impression on the Irish coaching staff. On Monday he received a text message from the Irish coaching staff asking him to contact them.

"I went to the junior day on Saturday and I was impressed by the whole athletic complex that they just put up…it's pretty impressive," Cwynar said of his junior day experience. "All the coaches were really nice and they showed great hospitality. It was really a fun time.

"On Monday I got a text to set up a call with Charlie Weis, so I gave him a call and he offered me a scholarship to the university."

Cwynar had been to Notre Dame in the past for football games and he had participated in the Notre Dame summer football camp, but he didn't really consider himself an Irish fan.

"I really don't have any favorites, at least I didn't in the past, but I'm becoming a Notre Dame fan," Cwynar explained. "I was very impressed when I went the other day. I really liked the coaches a lot. They were really nice. I like the academics, that's definitely at the top of my list. It's hard to match the academics and the football program at Notre Dame. It's really hard to get the total package like that."

"The campus is really nice. The football complex is really nice. I come from a small catholic school so I can really related to the size of the campus. It's kind of enclosed, it's private and it's not real big, so I really like the campus."

Recruiting coordinator Rob Ianello spoke with Sean when he first arrived and then the defensive line prospect got an opportunity to speak with Notre Dame's new defensive coordinator, Corwin Brown.

"I talked to coach Corwin Brown. I really liked him," Cwynar said. "I probably talked to him the most. He's got a lot of energy and he seems like a straight shooter. He just seems like he's a nice guy to be around. He's funny, he cracked some jokes and he seems like a good football coach. He seems like he's got a good football mind.

"Then I met with the defensive line coach Jappy Oliver. He seemed like a really good coach. He told us about his background and what fuels him to have such passion for the defensive line position. He's definitely a good coach that I can get along with. I can definitely relate to what he was talking about.

Cwynar now holds scholarship offer from Notre Dame, Wisconsin and Virginia. All of the Big Ten schools and several other major programs are recruiting Sean.

Cwynar reported a 4.2 g.p.a. and has scored a 27 on the ACT.

As a junior, Cwynar recorded 103 tackles and 17 sacks at defensive end. Top Stories