Rodriguez Will Tour Campuses on Spring Break

Andrew Rodriguez will hit the road on his spring break at the end of March, visiting college campuses that have been flooding his mailbox. The Alexandria, Va. product and Bishop Ireton standout is one of the top linebackers in the recruiting class of 2008. Notre Dame may make the final itinerary, but no travel plans are permanent yet. It would be Rodriguez's second trip to South Bend.

"I definitely want to go see Georgia, and I think I'm going to see West Virginia," Rodriguez said. "I've been to a lot of the Virginia schools because they're in-state, So I'm going to try and see schools that I normally don't get to see.

"If there is a possibility, I want to go to Notre Dame's (next) junior day if it works into my schedule. I don't know when it's going to be date wise, and hopefully it will fall on my spring break because I would definitely like to go. And I am hoping to make an official visit there next year."

The 6-foot-3, 218-pound Rodriguez made it to the Notre Dame-Army game last season. He attended the game with his mother and high school coach Peter Rotkis. Rodriguez's father, a two-star general and former Army defensive end could not make the trip because of work meetings.

"I liked all the coaches I met there," Rodriguez said. Former Irish assistant Peter Vaas was handling his recruitment. He said it will now be Ron Powlus. "I got a good feeling from them. All the facilities we saw looked very good, and I know I would like to play in them. The campus is very nice, and I'm really impressed with the school academic wise."

Rodriguez is pretty impressive on the field himself. This past season he racked up roughly 125 tackles, 15 coming for loss including eight sacks. He forced two fumbles, recovered three fumbles and returned an interception for a touchdown. He has been named to Virginia's all-state independent team the past two seasons.

Notre Dame and Connecticut are sending Rodriguez the most mail. He is also getting letters from Georgia, West Virginia, Boston College, Purdue, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Duke and North Carolina. Of course Army is interested, Rodriguez admitted they probably don't have much of a chance of landing him. He is still waiting for his first offer.

"I'm pretty experienced on the defensive side of the ball," Rodriguez said. "When I was a freshman I started at safety. I've been playing defense for a long time, and I have a good instinct of where the ball is going and I can get there and make the play."

Rodriguez gets to the ball carrier with his self-reported 4.6 speed in the 40-yard dash. He hasn't attended any camps or combines yet, but plans to attend Penn State's camp and the Nike Elite camp this summer. His max bench press is 275 pounds, and his max squat is 350 pounds.

"Andrew is just, he has a nose for the ball and he is a sure tackler which is key," Rotkis said. "You see a lot of guys with a lot of good talent, but they are not the best tacklers. He really concentrates, and he has a lot of heart and instincts of where the ball is going to be. I bring him on the blitz a lot, and he has knack for getting in the opposition's backfield. He has good balance, can run pretty well. He is sideline to sideline, and he is just a really good player."

He is also a great student. Rodriguez's GPA is over 4.0 because of advanced-placement courses. He was a team captain this past season as a junior, and served as a game captain on some Fridays as a sophomore.

Like his spring break list, Rodriguez doesn't have a list of early favorites.

"I'm trying to keep my options open until I get a good feel of all the schools," Rodriguez said. "I did like Notre Dame though." Top Stories