Irish Move On Defenisve End from Texas

Kapron Lewis-Moore of Weatherford High School (Texas) hasn't had a lot of publicity to date, but that is going to change in a hurry. The rangy defensive end recently picked up an scholarship offer from Notre Dame and there be plenty more to follow.

The Notre Dame coaching staff is pressing forward with their evaluation of junior prospects and the latest player the staff has identified as a recruiting target is Kapron Lewis-Moore (6-foot-4, 220 pounds).

"They recently offered me a full scholarship," Lewis-Moore responded when asked if he had been in contact with Notre Dame. "My athletic director asked me what schools I was interested in and one school that I told him was Notre Dame. He got a hold of the [Notre Dame] recruiting coordinator, coach Ianello. The coaches took a look at my highlight film and coach Ianello told me that they liked what they saw.

"I called coach Weis and that's when he offered. We only talk for about five or ten minutes, but he told me that he liked my highlight film and he told me how Notre Dame needed defensive ends. He said that he thought that I be a great fit for the program and then he asked me, ‘If Notre Dame offered you a scholarship would you be interested.' He didn't ask me if I'd accept, he asked if I'd be interested. I said, 'Heck yeah I'd be interested.' That's when he offered me the scholarship."

"I really don't know too much about college football, because I really didn't watch it until the last couple years, but Notre Dame has a good program," Kapron explained. "What attracts me about Notre Dame is their tradition. They know how to win games. I saw a couple games this year and I like their style of play. I'm definitely interested in Notre Dame.

"I haven't been up to Notre Dame, but I have family in Indiana. I have family in Gary and Easy Chicago. I'd like to take a trip up to Notre Dame though."

Kapron isn't a big name in recruiting circles, because he's still working on distributing his film top colleges, but it shouldn't take long before the scholarship offers are flowing.

"Texas A&M was the first school to offer me, they offered me a week or two ago," he said. "I'm hearing from Virginia a lot. I'm interested in them. SMU has been on me. I get mail from Kansas, Arizona, Boston College and Oklahoma State…a lot of places really. The only schools I stay in contact with right now are Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, SMU and Illinois.

"I want to play defense and schools are recruiting me for defensive end. I'm a pass rusher. I can get in the backfield. I can flow to the ball real good as well and I'm pretty good at getting to the play. My favorite thing is getting in the quarterback's face. Even if I don't get the sack I like to be there."

Kapron is going to keep his options open as gears up for recruiting. Like most prospects, he will be looking for specific elements in the schools considers.

"You have to look at where you can get the best education," Lewis-Moore said. "You have to find a place where you feel most comfortable. There's no use going somewhere that you don't like the atmosphere. I'll definitely talk it over with my mom. Education, location, the atmosphere are important.

"Hopefully I'll have ten possible schools that I'd like to go to by the start of my football season." Hopefully I'll have ten possible schools that I'd like to go to by the start of my football season."

Kapron reported a 3.6 g.p.a. Top Stories