Baldwin Drawing Interest From ND

Big receivers have been in high demand over the last several years, and one of the most impressive in the upcoming recruiting class may be Jonathan Baldwin from Aliquippa High School (Pa.) Baldwin is receiving attention from around the country and the Irish appear to be interested as well.

Charlie Weis likes what the tall, rangy wide receivers can do in his offense. Jonathan Baldwin (6-foot-6, 223 pounds) has the height and he can make the plays downfield. He also has the attention of the Notre Dame staff.

"I'm not sure when they first sent me stuff, because everything has kind of come all at once. It was probably sometime last fall," Baldwin responded when asked when Notre Dame began recruiting him. "I don't have an offer from them, but they just sent me something in the mail about their junior day. I probably won't go. I play basketball too. Play-offs will be coming up in a couple weeks, so I won't be make it time. That's the only reason why I wouldn't make it."

Baldwin will have his choice in schools, and if Notre Dame decides to offer him a scholarship, the Irish will get heavy consideration.

"I just like Notre Dame. There aren't any specifics, I just like them," Baldwin explained. "I've been to Pitt and Michigan I went to Michigan for the Michigan State game. I like it a lot. Everything up there is new with their facilities. I saw all the tradition, records and pictures and stuff…. I like it.

"Michigan is probably recruiting me the hardest right now. Ohio State and Pitt are recruiting me pretty hard also. I have offers from Pitt, West Virginia, Ohio State, Michigan, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech and Colorado.

In an offense based on a power running game, Baldwin caught 21 passes for 471 yards and five touchdowns last season. He probably has the athletic ability to play on defense, but it appears that most coaches want to see him catch passes.

"They're all recruiting as a wide receiver," Baldwin said. "I also play defensive end and outside linebacker. I wouldn't want to play it in college though. I prefer offense. I want the chance to make plays.

"I'm probably more of a possession receiver, but you can send me on a streak and get me the ball. The majority of the time I'm faster than the defensive back, so I can get open deep."

Baldwin would like to play in an offense that allows the receivers to make plays, but he also wants an education.

"I'll look at what they have to offer academically," Baldwin said. "I want to play for a good coaching staff and a go0d offense. I'll probably wait to make my decision after my senior year."

Baldwin reported a 3.3 g.p.a. Top Stories