As most Irish Eyes customers know, recruiting is a 12 month marathon. The days of coaching staffs getting extended breaks or vacations are long gone, and you better be on your toes in recruiting or you'll fall behind quickly. If there's one area in which I think Irish head coach Charlie Weis has really improved this program, it's recruiting. I think we'll see even more progress this year.

The Notre Dame coaching staff has already done a nice job of getting on top of the 2008 recruiting class. Notre Dame already has a good number of offers sent out to some of the elite prospects in 2008, and I fully expect you'll see some more offers coming in the near future.

Notre Dame is in a unique situation in that they just can't send out offers like a good number of schools can. They have to gather transcripts to check on both core g.p.a. and that each prospect has or will have the correct number of core courses needed to qualify at Notre Dame. They need to get an idea on what each prospect might actually score on one of the two tests they might take, and they also have to evaluate the prospect and make sure he's a good fit with their scheme. This all takes considerable time.

The good news is, once the Irish offer a player, there's not much of a chance that he won't qualify. The bad news is it takes a bit longer than some other schools to do all of the things mentioned above.

However, as I mentioned above, more offers are likely on the way. Who might get an offer?

Take five minutes and watch the film of linebacker Arthur Brown. All I can say is "wow!" Brown might be the best player in the entire country, and I've heard he's a very good student as well as an outstanding football player. He has mentioned the Irish as a team he's interested in, and I'd expect the Irish to offer him in the near future.

Corner prospect Johnny Adams is another possibility. Adams was scheduled to attend Notre Dame's first junior day but wasn't able to attend. I'm sure the Irish will try to get him to their junior day on March 4 as well. Adams has ideal size and speed for the position, and should be one of the Midwest's top prospects in 2008. I'd be surprised if the Irish didn't offer him sometime in the near future.

Another Midwest prospect to keep an eye on is Chicago, Ill. linebacker/defensive end Darius Fleming. Fleming looks like an ideal linebacker for Notre Dame's new look defense, and he already has offers from Purdue, Northwestern and Illinois. He's also a very good student, carrying a 3.3 g.p.a., and also plans to attend Notre Dame's junior day on March 4. He's definitely a guy to keep an eye on as a possible offer.

Linebacker Brendan Beal is another player to keep an eye on. Beal has two things going for him as far as the Irish are concerned. One, he's a very physical and good football player. Two, he's from New Jersey, and head coach Charlie Weis loves his Jersey boys. By the way, did I mention the kid carries a 4.3 g.p.a. and already attended Notre Dame's first junior day? Sounds like a ND kid to me, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him get an offer at some point over the next few months.

Cornerback Patrick Johnson is a name that's been blowing up in recruiting lately. Listed as 6-foot, 190 pounds, you can't find a better corner body, and he's got the speed as well to run with the better receivers. Johnson was named to the All-Combine Team after an impressive performance at the Army combine in January. He certainly has the talent. What I'm not sure of his academic status. He's a player the Irish are well aware of, and I'd guess the only way he won't receive an offer is if he can't qualify for Notre Dame.

Corner prospect Jarred Holley is another name to keep an eye on. Holley has excellent instincts as a corner, and pretty good height as well, listed at 6-foot. He already has a good number of offers from teams like Penn State, Pittsburgh, Virginia and West Virginia, but he also has a strong interest in Notre Dame. He's a player to keep an eye on. He might not get an offer in the next few weeks, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him receive an offer fairly soon.

With the loss of Dan Buckner over the weekend, three wide receivers to keep an eye on are Kenny Tate, Warren Reuland and John Goodman. Tate attended the famed DeMatha high school in Hyattsville, Md. and has already picked up a few offers from Maryland and Ohio State. Will he have the grades?

Warren Reuland is the bother of Irish tight end Konrad Reuland and a darn good football player as well. He obviously knows a great deal about Notre Dame, and he's probably been to South Bend a time or two. He's a big receiver and should end up with a good number of offers when all is said and done. Will the Irish throw their hat in the ring? I do think he's a player they like quite a bit.

Goodman is a very similar player to Reuland. Both are big receivers and Goodman recently attended Notre Dame's first junior day. He has offers from Michigan, Iowa and Purdue already. The Irish will likely have to decide what to do with Goodman fairly soon or they might be left out of the race. Keep an eye on Goodman as well.

Lastly, every Irish fan is familiar with offensive lineman Michael Golic, son of former Irish great Mike Golic. Will the Irish offer or won't they? I believe they will. I think it might come soon. Who knows, he might even be Notre Dame's first commitment if they do offer. Keep an eye on this guy. Top Stories