Brown Is One Of The Best In The Midwest

Arthur Brown just ran onto the field at linebacker for the first varsity play of his prep career. He had played the previous six weeks on the freshman team, but Brown impressed the Wichita (Kan.) East coaching staff enough to promote him to the Friday night show. When he sacked the quarterback on that play, Brown soon became a constant on the team's defense.

Now what's constant is Arthur Brown getting to the ball carrier, and not just tackling him, but really laying the wood. Another constant is the amount of mail coming in, and the phone calls from college coaches. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound Brown and his 4.47 speed, is arguably the best linebacker in the recruiting class of 2008.

"He has good strength, good speed, has a knack for the football, and he plays with an extremely high level of intensity," East head coach Brian Byers said. "He has a motor that when it turns on, it just goes. He's probably the best prospect to come out of this area since (Wichita Northwest graduate, Florida State alum and Cleveland Brown's linebacker) Kamerion Wimbley.

"I was an assistant there when Kamerion played there, and Kamerion had a great work ethic. And Arthur is the same way."

Brown has scholarship offers from Nebraska, Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Kansas and Kansas State to name a few. Notre Dame is very interested, as is most of the country.

When Brown sacked that quarterback on his first varsity play, he didn't really know what he was doing. The way he played football was just find the ball and run it down. Or carry the ball and try to score. That's how it was done while playing in the neighborhood, and that's all Brown knew.

"I never grew up watching football, or ever took an interest in watching it," Brown said. "But I always loved playing it since second grade. That started to change two summers ago, and I started watching these colleges. I guess that's when I noticed I'm going to be a part of one of these programs, and I need to find out more about them."

While he was doing that, Brown was also absorbing how to play the game. His sophomore season, he had 164 tackles, six sacks and an interception. The sophomore film is what's all over the internet, and it looks amazing.

This past season, teams tried to avoid Brown, but the middle linebacker still managed 158 tackles, had eight sacks and one interception. He said he forced eight to 10 fumbles, three coming in one game. In San Antonio at the U.S. Army National Combine back in early January, Brown was named to the all-combine first team among the nation's best juniors.

"I think his knowledge of the game has improved, and his footwork has improved as well," mentor and trainer Brian Butler said. "I think he has a natural knack and instincts for the game.

"This season he went from dominating a five-foot area, to now he dominates a 30-feet area, and he is always a threat. He runs all over the field, he is sideline to sideline. He also improved the pace he plays at."

Brown agrees.

"Basically as a linebacker, I improved in reading the offensive linemen and their steps and movements, and figuring out where the play is going," Brown explained. "My reaction time has also improved."

Brown also used to be East's starting running back, until his younger brother Bryce beat him out. Bryce will be one of the top recruits in the country in the class of 2009.

"I'm focusing on what I'm going to be playing in college," Brown said.

The college Brown plays at likely won't find out until around signing day in February of 2008. He plans to ride this process out and evaluate every intricate detail.

"Here is the key aspects for me," Brown said. "I have to feel comfortable where I'm playing, I have to feel comfortable with the people interacting with me on a regular basis. I have to be comfortable with the coaches, and I am looking for a place I can just jump right into the program."

One of the schools Brown's been reading and asking about is Notre Dame.

"Right now, I'm keeping all my options open," Brown stated. He has a 3.3 GPA. "As far as Notre Dame goes, I like what I've seen and I like what I've heard, so they are pretty high on my list.

"I don't know a lot about Notre Dame, but I know it's a great environment and I heard from numerous people that they have a beautiful campus, and I am interested in seeing the campus and taking a trip down there.

"I watched them this year and they had a pretty good team," Brown said. "I've heard from a lot of people that linebackers was their biggest weakness. That would be great if I could come in and turn their program around, being the top linebacker in the country.

Brown plans to get in touch with Irish defensive coordinator Corwin Brown some time in the next two weeks, but he is just one of the many coaches Brown still needs to get in contact with.

Notre Dame receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Rob Ianello has been in touch with Butler. Butler just sent Ianello the never seen before, junior highlight tape of Brown.

"Its coming out, and its coming out hard," Butler said with a laugh. He played college football at Fort Hays University in Kansas. Brown also has an uncle, Lawrence Peete, who played at Nebraska and then with the Detroit Lions. "The film is fantastic. Rarely had I ever seen sophomore film that looked that good. I think he is a much better player on the junior film. He is more impressive because he is more disciplined and understands the game better. And he is still hitting people."

Just like Brown hit that quarterback on his first prep play. Top Stories