Thompson Making Plans to Visit South Bend

Notre Dame will hold its second junior day of the year in a couple weeks, and the list on attendees is starting to grow. Defensive end Everette Thompson of John F. Kennedy High School (Burien, Wash.) is one of the top players that is making plans to travel to South Bend for the March 4 junior day.

It has been some time since Notre Dame signed a player from Kennedy High School, but that might change with Everette Thompson (6-foot-5, 240 pounds). The big defense end has heard a lot about the university and he'll get his first look at the campus in a couple weeks.

"Towards the beginning of my junior year they sent me a questionnaire, so I made my highlight film and sent it out there," Thompson responded when asked when Notre Dame began recruiting him. "During my season they sent me letters about Notre Dame football and about their season. Then they sent me a package inviting me to their junior day, so I'm just working on getting that scheduled.

"I have sincere interest in Notre Dame. They're a great school and a great program. Kennedy is a private Catholic school and they're always talking about Notre Dame and how we try to emulate it and what Notre Dame stands for. It's just a good school.

"I like the fact that they're always on TV. I'm always watching them," Thompson said. "They're an independent and they always have a stacked schedule. They play all the top teams from all the different conferences. That's a big thing there."

Thompson has the size and athletic ability to play on either side of the ball. Last season he had 12 receptions for 280 yards and five touchdowns as a tight end. At defensive end he registered over 50 tackles and four sacks.

"I think Notre Dame is recruiting me as a defensive end," Thompson explained. "Washington is the only school recruiting me as a tight end. I prefer defensive end, but I could play tight end as well.

"We run the ‘wing-T', so I'm more of a blocking tight end in our offense. I think one of my strong points is my blocking, but I also consider myself a playmaker. I think I'm a good pass-catching tight end. I'm good at both areas, I guess.

"On defense, I'm more of an aggressive type of player," Thompson said. "I'm an instinctive player. I have good lateral speed and quick feet. I have the ability to shed blockers quickly. I don't allow my opponent to beat me before the snap. I think that's the big thing. Before the game starts, I tell myself that I'm better than they are and that I'm going to beat them. That's what I feed off of. That's the energy that I bring to the field."

Washington, Washington State and Oregon have already offered Thompson a scholarship, but they certainly won't be his last offers.

"I'm just getting some things from UCLA and Southern Cal," Thompson said. "I think Tennessee and Michigan are the only other schools besides Notre Dame out East that are recruiting me.

"I'm just taking it all in and just trying to figure out which school I want to go to. I'm just enjoying it right now. I didn't think it would be to this extent. I'm pretty surprised by how things have turned out and I still have one more year.

"[My parents] are excited and worried at the same time," he explained. "They don't want me to get a big head. They want me to just be myself and stay humble. They want me to continue to work hard and do what I've been doing."

Thompson reported a 2.8 g.p.a. Top Stories