Brandon Moore Is Racking Up Offers

Notre Dame hasn't had trouble attracting top tights ends in the past and this recruiting season shouldn't be any different. Brandon Moore from Trotwood-Madison High School (Trotwood, Ohio) doesn't have big receiving numbers, but he has a long list of big-time programs that would like him to play football for them.

Brandon Moore (6-foot-6, 230 pounds) already has scholarship offers from Georgia, Michigan, LSU, Colorado, Clemson, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Illinois, Stanford, Florida State, Kentucky, Dartmouth, Eastern Michigan and Minnesota. Notre Dame hasn't extended an offer yet, but they have been recruiting Brandon.

"I went to one of their games last year against Purdue," Moore responded when asked about his contact with Notre Dame. "I was up there with my cousin Ricky Smith. He plays offensive line for us. It was real fun. The crowd was real good. They were doing the push-ups with the recruits and stuff like that. I like the campus. I got to see Touchdown Jesus. I didn't get to tap the ‘Play Like A Champion Today' sign, but I saw it. I took a picture of the leprechaun…I got a kick out of that.

"I like Notre Dame. I know they have are real good program. Their academics a really good. I know they'll have a chance to compete for a national championship every year. They always play a really tough schedule.

"I've been getting letters from Notre Dame. I got an invite for their junior day, but I'm not going to be able to make it," Moore said. "Coach Ianello will send me an e-mail to me now and then. I'm still getting mail from them, but I haven't spoken with the coaches lately. The only way I get in touch with coaches is if they text message me. I haven't really spoken with any coaches in awhile.

Brandon missed three games last season because of an ankle sprain, but he still managed to catch 20 passes for over 300 yards and three touchdowns.

"I'll probably play tight end, wide receiver and defensive end this year, but I want to play tight end in college," Moore explained. "I've actually played defensive end most of my career. I didn't play it last year, but with my senior year coming up, I'm going to be playing some defensive end.

"I just started playing tight end when I got to high school. Most of the schools are saying tight end or H-back. I like tight end and I feel I'll be a better tight end than I will be a defensive end. I have deceptive speed. When you look at me you don't expect me to be as fast as I am. I have real good hands. Freshman and sophomore year I was a mainly a blocking tight end, so people don't know that I can block as well as I can. I have really good tape out there of me blocking. I like to block. I like having contact every play, that's why I prefer tight end over wide receiver.

"I like that [Notre Dame] passes to the tight end a lot," Moore said. "I can't remember which game it was, but one of their games I was watching the tight end caught nine passes. I like that. I like the way Georgia passes to their tight end. I also like the way Kentucky uses their tight end. Their tight end led the SEC in catches last year."

Brandon is receiving mail from just about every top program in the country. He will continue to keep his options open, but he listed his early favorites as Georgia, Clemson, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, USC, Florida, and Florida State.

"I thought I would commit before my senior season, but now I don't know when I'm going to commit," Brandon said. "I want a school with good academics. I want to play for a program that's on it's way up. I want to live in a small college town more than a school that's in a big city. I want to be in a college town, because I feel I'll be more focused. In a bigger city there's more distractions and a bigger chance that you'll go out and get in trouble." Top Stories