McGuffie Talks About Irish Offer

Notre Dame will have solid depth at running back with the addition of Robert Hughes, Golden Tate, and Armando Allen, so they can afford to pursue the best running backs in the country. One prospect already on their wish list is Sam McGuffie from Cy-Fair High School (Cypress, Texas).

Texas produces talented running backs like Hollywood produces movies. Sam McGuffie (6-foot-0, 190 pounds) will not only be one of the top running backs in the Lone Star State in 2007, he'll likely be one of the best in the nation. Notre Dame isn't going to offer many tailbacks this year, but McGuffie is one of them.

"I got an offer from them about two weeks ago," McGuffie responded when asked abo0ut his contact with Notre Dame. "I had gotten mail before but I hadn't ever spoken with any of their coaches. Then one day I got a text message from coach Ianello. I called him back and he said he was from Notre Dame and that he wanted me to call Charlie Weis. I called coach Weis and he told me that they had watched my film. He said it was crazy, and that they were sending me a scholarship, and that I'd have a place at Notre Dame.

"Coach Weis brings his pro experience to the college game, so that just makes it better for everyone; from the players, to the fans and for the atmosphere of the game. I like the way he goes about his business on and off the field with his program. I like how he gets his players to play for him.

"That offer was big," McGuffie said. "You don't need to know too much about football to know about Notre Dame. Notre Dame is Notre Dame The thing is Notre Dame's tradition it's always going to be there. It's always going to be known for its tradition and the ‘Fighting Irish'. The academics are very good -- distinguished. When it comes to top colleges, it doesn't get much better than Notre Dame."

And when it comes to playmakers and big-time tailbacks, it doesn't get better than Sam McGuffie. As a sophomore, he only started six games, but he managed to rush for over 800 yards and 12 touchdowns on 115 carries. Last season Sam exploded as he rumbled to a Houston area single-season rushing record of 3,212 yards and 44 touchdowns. He added 400 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns. All of that damage was done on the biggest stage for high school football – Class 5A Texas high school football.

"I just have playing making ability," McGuffie replied when asked about what he brings to the field as a player. "I when I get the ball I can generally find a way to get a touchdown or a first down. When I get the ball, I run low at first and then I'll juke a couple people and then I'll raise up and run a little like Adrian Peterson. That's when I hit another gear.

"I like to run counters. I like plays where I can use my speed to my advantage. I like to follow a pulling guard and then after he makes that first block is when I make my moves.

"I think I attack the defenders even though I'm playing offense. After I get a feel for the first guy, then I'm looking for the next one. I know I'm about to shake the first guy, so I'm always looking for the next guy."

McGuffie already has twelve scholarship offers, but despite his star status, he doesn't want to draw out his recruitment. He would like to have a decision made by the beginning of his senior season.

"It's probably going to be Notre Dame, Michigan, Oklahoma, Florida and Ohio State," McGuffie said of his top schools. "I like Texas A&M and Texas Tech as well. I'm going to visit all of those places. It might be toward the end of this school year, but it won't be that far away. All of them have offered.

"I don't really look at depth charts. You should want to go somewhere because you want to go there, not because there are other people there. If you think you're good then go to that school and show them what's them what you can do.

McGuffie is currently participating in track, so his weekends to visit schools are limited. He career best long jump is 24 feet. He's been electronically clocked with a 10.4 100M, and 14.0 110M hurdles. Top Stories