Beal: "You're the one that I'm waiting for."

The Notre Dame coaching staff has been more aggressive this year when it comes to extending scholarship offers. Last Friday the staff sent out several more and one of those offers went to Brendan Beal from Roxbury High School (Succasunna, N.J.)

Brendan Beal (6-foot-3.5, 235 pounds) has been a very popular prospect the last several days. He already had a scholarship offer from Temple, but at the end of last week he picked up big-time offers from Notre Dame, Ohio State, Boston College, Rutgers, Wake Forest, Pitt, Nebraska and Virginia. All of the offers are important to Beal, but the invite from Notre Dame stood out.

"I've been texting coach Latina and coach Brown for a couple weeks and they were both hinting to me that I should be receiving an offer soon, I just didn't know when," Beal responded when asked how he heard about his Notre Dame scholarship offer. "I got a text from coach Weis, so I called him. We were talking about all the schools that have shown interest and that Ohio State offered me the day before. Then I told him, "You're the one that I'm waiting for." And he said, "You got it."

"I've been waiting for Notre Dame, because Notre Dame has everything that I want in a school. Whenever I get ready to make my decision, Notre Dame will be one of my choices. Coach Weis said based on what he looks for, No. 1 is academics; No. 2 is if you can make an impact and No. 3 if you're an overall genuine person. He said that my 4.3 g.p.a. definitely put me over the top."

A look at Beal's transcript makes him an obvious candidate for a scholarship, as does his performance on the field.

"They got my film when I went up there for the junior day," Beal explained. "Coach Weis said he loved my film…he thought it was impressive. He loves my athleticism and my size. He likes that I play with passion and that I play with violence. He said that I probably had the ability to play the middle linebacker, run stopper spot or the outside strong linebacker, who can put his hand down and rush.

"I've been a true Mike linebacker most of my career. I've kind of been bred for the position. My dad played it at Boston College and he's been my mentor my whole life. So, everything that I've been learning has been about that position. I'm starting to learn more about he outside linebacker and defensive end position. I've been watching guys like [Mike] Vrabel and [Brian] Cushing and I'd really love to learn how to play that position. It seems like a lot of fun, so it's definitely something that I'd consider."

With nine scholarship offers Beal will have more than his future position to consider. In fact, Brendan would like to add more scholarships to his growing stck.

"I'm hoping Southern Cal and Miami offer," Beal said. "I haven't had much contact with Miami, but an offer from them looks good. USC guys have been calling and asking for film, so I think that could come soon as well. But now that I've picked up an offer from Notre Dame and Ohio State, I'm really weighing my decision. I am definitely going to make my decision over the summer. When I make that decision, Notre Dame will be either the No. 1 or No. 2 school." Top Stories