Golic Does Everything Well.

Irish Eyes hosted Notre Dame commitment Michael Golic Jr. and his father on Power Hour Tuesday night. They spoke of their Notre Dame memories, as well as Michael's future at Notre Dame. Last week Irish Eyes spoke with Golic's head coach Michael Tyler to get his thoughts on the future Irish lineman.

Michael Golic Jr. is excited to be a part of Notre Dame football and he excitement about his future was clear when he appeared on Power Hour. Northwest Catholic High School (West Harford, Conn.) head coach Michael Tyler thinks Irish fans should be just as excited about his standout offensive lineman.

"First and foremost he's just a good person," coach Tyler responded when asked about Golic. "He's just a great kid in everything he does. He works hard at everything he does. On the field, off the field in the weight room, running, agility drills, you name it… he's nonstop. Football-wise, he's a tough, tough kid. He's been a great player for us for three straight years. He's a great leader. He was a captain this year as a junior, which is very rare here at Northwest Catholic. He's smart as a whip. You couldn't ask for a kid that works harder, who is tougher or who is smarter.

"Everything he does, he does well. When he came in here had never played center before, but we needed a center and I heard he was a smart kid. He picked it up right of the bat. He picked up the line calls, everything. We run a spread offense, so he has to snap the ball back five yards to the quarterback. The first time he snapped the ball he hit the quarterback right in the hands, and we're like, ‘Okay that's not bad.' After a week in practice you knew how good he was. But really he's the type of kid that will play anywhere. He doesn't care. He would have played anywhere we wanted him to play.

"Our team has gotten pretty good over the last few years, so people throw all kinds of defenses at us, and he's the hub of the whole offensive line," coach Tyler said. "The calls he makes are a big part of the offense and he makes all of the line calls. The center has to come up and see what the defensive front is, so we can adjust the line blocking or change the play at the line of scrimmage. Actually, Mike is so good he will see something and change the call himself and our quarterback would go along with him."

Golic is not only an intelligent player, but Tyler believes he has the physical tolls to compete at the highest level.

"We throw the ball a lot and he has great pass blocking skills," coach Tyler explained. "He has to pick up the inside backers, but we have certain calls where he has to kick out and pick up blitzers from the outside at times, and he does it all extremely well. He has very quick feet. He has fast hands and he bends well. He can play from a low center of gravity, which is why he'll make a good center. He's snaps low and he stays low. He gets in good position and stays on his blocks. Everything you look for in an offensive lineman, he does very, very well.

"We've got some good players along the offensive line. We have another Division I kid out at right offensive tackle, Kevin Eagan. Kevin is being recruited as a defensive end, but he does a real good job for us at tackle. We've got some strong kids on the line. We've got some quick kids. We have a tackle that can kick out and get those wide ends, so we've been able to keep Mike inside at center.

"[Golic] is about 260 pounds, but we think he's going to come into camp at about 280 pounds," Tyler said. "That means by the time he goes up to Notre Dame he could be 290-300 pounds. He's got good hands. He's got good snap. He's a heck of a defensive tackle so that wouldn't surprise me if he played there either. He does a great job on defense. He jacks his guy up and he runs to the football. It really wouldn't surprise me if he played anywhere on the offensive or defensive line."

Kevin Eagan (6-foot-5, 230 pounds) is being pursued by UConn, BC, Maryland, and Virginia. Coach Tyler also spoke highly of Jake Golic (6-foot-5, 225 pounds). Jake will be a junior next season. He is an athletic tight end the will be heavily recruited.

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