Offers Are Starting To Roll In For Forst

The Notre Dame-Boston College rivalry will renew on the field this coming fall, when the Eagles make an October visit to South Bend. Despite not playing each other since the 2004 season, the two Catholic schools have competed on the recruiting trail. One of the guys the two schools are going after this go round is New Jersey offensive tackle Art Forst.

Forst received his scholarship offer from Notre Dame last week. He already held offers from Boston College, Virginia, Rutgers, Duke and Northwestern.

Some playful jabbing has already taken place with Art Forst's Manasquan high teammate and Boston College signee Brad Newman, and head coach Vic Kubu.

"(Brad) has my ear, he gets to talk to me every day," the 6-foot-8, 305-pound Forst said. "The first day Notre Dame offered, he said who beat Notre Dame six of the last 11 times. My head coach was like, that was before Mr. Charlie Weis was there, wasn't it."

Forst's offer from Notre Dame was a quick process. Irish offensive line coach John Latina sent a text message recently, and Forst mailed film. He got in touch with Latina, and the coach told him he needed to call Weis.

When Forst heard that, he tried not to assume but had a feeling he was going to get an offer. He didn't think an offer from Notre Dame would come so early.

"I got in contact with coach Weis, Forst said. "We were talking, and since he is from New Jersey, we were talking about places around where I live. After talking for a few minutes, he said we also want to inform you that after doing research on you as an athlete and person, we are going to offer you a scholarship.

"It was very humbling that Notre Dame, who has a top-10 recruiting class every year offered me, and having coach Weis offer me a scholarship.

"I think that most kids that are in my position have some interest in Notre Dame," Forst said. He has a 3.2 GPA. "I'm really looking forward to taking a trip out there. I don't know how you can't have interest in Notre Dame with the storied program and so much football history."

Weis obviously liked Forst's tape, watching the tackle dominate helpless defensive linemen.

"Number one, even if there is someone that is a little better than me, I outwork them," Forst explained. "I definitely don't ever get outworked. I don't think you can look at my film and say I took one play off. It comes down to toughness and determination, and I really think that is what separates me from other people, besides being 6-foot-8 300 pounds."

Forst, who has taken unofficial visits already to Boston College, Virginia and Rutgers, will see the offers really start to roll in now. He'd like to end the recruiting process sooner rather than later.

"I believe by my first game of the season, I'll have made a decision," Forst said. "Whether I decide before that, I don't know. I'd say probably.

"I want just a place where I feel comfortable and the degree means something, a place like Notre Dame. Also big-time football. Some place with a degree that is esteemed."

Forst is a Non-denominational Christian, and is very active with his church. He helps out with the junior high youth group, and when the pastor goes away, he takes over the teaching.

"That has no bearing on me going to Notre Dame or Boston College," said Forst, who is obviously considering other schools as well.

Boston College's recent track record over the Irish also has no bearing. That was of course before Mr. Charlie Weis was at Notre Dame. Top Stories