In the Film Room

Paul Moran is an former DI college quarterback, college coach, recruiting coordinator, and currently serves as the Head Coach for the North East Hurricanes, part of the NEFL. Paul has offered to give us his thoughts and evaluations on a number of Notre Dame's top recruiting targets.

A lot of film you see on Sean Cwynar is him playing the OT position and literally just knocking guys over or throwing them out of his way. Half way through his film, I stopped to go back and look at his strength numbers again because he appears to have tremendous upper body strength and just pushes guys out of his way.

On defense, Cwynar literally dominated his opposition. No one appeared to even want to block him. It's hard to tell if that was because of his competition or pure strength. He uses his hands well, and has very good vision on where the play is going. A lot of what Sean does at the high school level is based purely on his instincts, speed and pure muscle. It would be interesting to see him at the DT position in a 3-4 defense because he appears to have pretty good feel for the guys in front of him. With the right coaching he could be an excellent 2-gap player with his feel for pressure and quick feet.

Sean sometimes has a tendency to play a bit upright, but again, I think that is because of the fact that he is absolutely dominating at his level. Right now he can play high because he just stands up, sees the play and uses his speed to chase down the ball. It is also interesting to note that it appeared that a lot of his competition just didn't want to block him. He just absolutely dominated. On the few plays where a guy stood him up, he showed a nasty enough edge to just fight right through the block. Again, he has a very good first move and excellent hands.

What impressed me the most about Cwynar is his speed once he sees the play. A lot of his film shows him coming off and owning his edge as a DE. More often than not he displayed a very good first step and just ran the ball carrier down. He runs through guys or pushes them out of the way and just pursues.

The Woodstock, Ill. native also appears to have a big frame and will put on additional weight and still maintain his speed. Another thing you have to like about Sean is that he plays until the whistle. There were a few plays where he continued to pursue and ended up making the tackle at the far end of the field. I would be really excited to see Sean in the middle of a 3-4 style of defense.

One of the most important aspects of a NT in this defense is the ability to feel pressure on the block and cover both gaps. He appears to have the ability to read his block, make a quick first move, and blow right by his opponent. If that doesn't work, he will just run right through you.

A lot of guys that you see playing the DT or NT at his level use pure size to clog the middle and don't have Cwynar's speed. The 6-foot-4, 285-pound D-lineman uses strength and athletic ability to move his man and make the play in the backfield He will be a big man in the middle and already appears to have very good strength for a junior. His instincts are good, and he could be the workhorse in the middle that ND needs. Sean already has an impressive list of offers and interest from top Division 1 schools. He is obviously being looked at as a DE from most of these schools, but in my opinion, he could be an even better fit blowing up plays in the middle similar to what we saw out of Derek Landri at times last year. Top Stories