Goodman: "In the end, there was no question."

Notre Dame scored big this weekend when they landed two prized recruits from Indiana. One of the high profile prospects is wide receiver John Goodman from Bishop Dwenger High School (Fort Wayne, Ind.) Goodman made an appearance at the Notre Dame junior day this weekend and ended his recruitment before the day's activities began.

Charlie Weis wanted a chance to meet with the offered recruits prior to the Notre Dame day, so the Irish coaching staff asked prospects like John Goodman (6-foot-4, 185-pound) to arrive on campus a little early.

"Coach Ianello told me to be there at 9:30 a.m.," Goodman explained of the events leading up to Notre Dame's junior day. "I showed up at the Gug Sunday morning. I met with a couple coaches, and then spoke with coach Ianello for a little bit. Then he took me back to coach Weis' office to meet with him. Coach Weis and I were talking and I wanted to ask him a couple questions.

"I have a couple coaches at Dwenger that were highly recruited Division I prospects. We had a meeting on Saturday and we talked about things that we should go over with the Notre Dame coaches. They helped me with some of the questions that I had and it really helped.

"I saw that they had offered five or six receivers, so I asked coach Weis where I fit in that line of receivers. He told me that it was between Dan Buckner, Mike Floyd and me. Since Dan Buckner committed already it was pretty much Mike Floyd and Me. Mike hasn't committed anywhere, so that meant that I'd be in the mix for being the first or second receiver. Then I asked about the school and some other stuff about what freshmen do when they come in.

"After he answered all the questions I said, ‘Coach you answered all the questions the way that I wanted to hear it. I grew up loving this place. I got the offer I want, so I'm committing right here and now.' I liked what I heard from coach Weis. I liked what he told me about Notre Dame, so I committed right then and there. His answers sealed the deal. My parents knew that once I got to know Charlie Weis that it would be over and that I'd commit. I think everyone else knew I'd commit to Notre Dame as well."

Notre Dame wasn't Goodman's only option. Michigan offered him an early scholarship, which made him one of their recruiting priorities for the 2008 recruiting class.

"It was hard to turn down Michigan," Goodman explained. "But I think in everyone's mind they knew I was going to Notre Dame. I really did like the Michigan coaching staff; coach Carr, the wide receivers coach, coach Campbell, and the offensive coordinator, coach Debord were recruiting me and they are great guys. They treated me very well, and Michigan is a great place. It's obviously one of the top programs in the country. Their facilities are nice, and they have a lot of pluses. Notre Dame has all of those pluses, but better, so I just had to pick Notre Dame. In the end, there was no question about what was best for me."

Goodman joined Penn High School offensive lineman Braxston Cave as the second player to commit at the junior day.

"We were walking from the administration building to the grotto on the campus tour and my dad had heard that Braxston [Cave] had committed as well," Goodman said. "Braxston and I were talking about Notre Dame and recruiting, and I said to Braxston, ‘This is the greatest place to be.' Braxton replied ‘Yeah it is.'" Top Stories