Cwynar Makes Four For the Irish

Defensive lineman Sean Cwynar of Marian Central Catholic High School (Woodstock, Ill.) received his scholarship offer at the first Notre Dame junior day held in January. After making a visit to Notre Dame for the second junior day this weekend, Cwynar decided that he was ready to accept Notre Dame's offer. Cwynar becomes the fourth member of Notre Dame's 2008 recruiting class.

The Notre Dame coaching staff needed to add some big bodies to the defensive side of the ball and they took a huge step forward by adding defensive line prospect Sean Cwynar (6-foot-4, 280 pounds) to the 2008 recruiting class.

Cwynar was in South Bend for Notre Dame's junior day on Sunday, and at that time he knew he wanted to be a part of the Irish football program. So, Sean made plans to return to Notre Dame today to speak with the Notre Dame staff in person.

"I committed to Notre Dame today," Cwynar explained. "I called every school that I got an offer from this morning and told them.

"I talked to coach Weis on Sunday when I was driving back and told him that I really wanted to commit in person. I talked to coach Ianello, coach Oliver and coach Brown yesterday and made plans to come up today."

Besides Notre Dame Cwynar had scholarship offers from Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Northwestern, Virginia, Oklahoma State, Vanderbilt, Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, Boston College and Minnesota. It wasn't easy turning down those schools, but in the end Sean was knew he was making the right choice.

"I told my coaches and some of my friends at school," Sean said. "They're all really excited. It's all about Notre Dame there. I was never a real big Notre Dame guy. I really didn't follow Notre Dame at all. I knew there was something special, I just didn't look into it, or buy into it. But know I'm excited about it, and I'm excited to contribute to the football program. I really like where the program is. It's on the rise and they really haven't used any of coach Weis' recruiting classes yet.

"The coaches were really nice and they made it seem like a hometown atmosphere. They talked about this being my home and they approached it from a parental standpoint. They were really good to me, but it was more of the school that sold me, because coaches can come and go. I made my decision based more on the school than anything else.

"When I go get a job, a degree from the University of Notre Dame has unlimited power," Sean explained. "Everyone across the nation knows about Notre Dame. Notre Dame is prestigious in the business world and there's really an unlimited amount of things that you can do if you've graduated from Notre Dame. That was definitely one of my top priorities."

The opportunity to earn playing time is also a big issue for recruits when they make their college choice. Although Cwynar knows that the Irish need defensive linemen, the Notre Dame depth chart was not a major factor in his decision.

"I'm confident in myself that I would play regardless of where I wanted to go… I'm confident in that," Cwynar said. "I know [Notre Dame] missed on the defensive side of the ball the past couple recruiting classes, but that really wasn't a factor. I know that their main focus in recruiting is going to be defense. I think I'll play the strong-side defensive end. I don't think there is any question about that. I'm looking at the guys that they have at nose tackle and I just think I'll stay at defensive end.

"Really I'm just looking to come in and contribute. I'm looking forward to getting that defense back to where it was and coming in and coming in and just taking care of business." Top Stories