Robinson Likes Three Midwest Powers

Notre Dame has received two commitments from offensive lineman for the 2008 recruiting class, but they Irish coaching staff would like to add a couple more. One of the top prospects in the country is Trevor Robinson of Elkhorn High School (Neb.) When it comes to recruiting, Robinson is keeping his options open, although three schools have edged out to an early lead for his services.

Notre Dame has done a terrific job recruiting offensive lineman the last couple years and they'd like to keep the momentum rolling. Trevor Robinson (6-foot-5, 300 pounds) is a player the Notre Dame staff would like to add to this year's recruiting class, and he made an appearance at last weekend's junior day.

"I thought the visit went really well," Robinson responded when asked about his trip to South Bend for the Notre Dame junior day. "We had a meeting with coach Weis in the morning before everyone got there. Then we got an opportunity to talk with coach Latina. We met with coach Latina for the majority of the time, and really [the purpose of the visit] was about building a relationship with him. I think we have a really good relationship and I feel that he has been completely honest with me with everything.

"All the way back in June, I felt like he was someone that I could get along with really well. I got a lot of time to talk about some stuff that we hadn't addressed until yesterday. That was probably the best thing about getting all the way out there. We talked about the depth situation and we got into the numbers and where I fit with some of the players that they've already brought in. We talked about what a regular day and a regular practice was like.

"They said that they wanted to sign five offensive linemen, but it might be four, so they can get to where they want to be with their depth all the way across the line. The coaches said that I could play either tackle or guard depending on the depth when I come in.

With Braxston Cave and Michael Golic Jr. already committed to the Irish, some urgency might influence some prospects to grab the remaining spots the Notre Dame staff has reserved for the offensive line.

"I think coach Latina said my timetable [for making a decision] was going to be as long as I wanted it to be," Robinson explained. "If a situation came up where they get another interior commitment and a tackle to commit, that would obviously speed things up a little bit if [Notre Dame] was the direction that I wanted to go.

"I talk to coach Latina pretty regularly, so I keep up on the depth situation. The depth is something that will definitely come into play, but right now it isn't that pressing of a situation where it is going to press me to make a decision earlier than I would like to."

Robinson has caught the attention of most of the top programs from around the country, but heading into spring there are three that stand out.

"I think Michigan Notre Dame and Nebraska can offer some things football-wise and academic-wise that I'm looking for," Robinson said. "If another coach texts me and asks me to give them a call, I'll give them a call. I'm certainly not going to turn my back on anyone, but those three probably lead.

"We'll try to do a spring practice and set up some meetings [at Michigan, Notre Dame and Nebraska]. I think we have one set with Michigan, but I don't know the exact date. If we could do two practices [Notre Dame and Michigan] while we're out there that would be great. I'll be at the spring game at Nebraska. They sell out 85,000 for that every year. Ideally I'd take an official visits to those three schools in the fall." Top Stories