Sweat Wants To Be Certain

Most top football prospects are trying to expand their college search at this point, but Andrew Sweat from Trinity High School (Washington, Pa.) is looking to pin down his top two or three colleges and than make a decision.

Notre Dame hopes to be in the mix when Andrew Sweat (6-foot-3, 230 pounds) gets into decision-making mode. He recently made trips to Ohio State and Notre Dame, and now he's off to Florida.

"I'm going to Florida and Penn State," Sweat explained when asked about his recruitment. "After that I'll take my top two schools and take another visit to them. I'd like to take in some spring practices and then make a visit to their spring games. I'd like to have a decision done before the end of May, so I'll probably commit to one of them after that.

"I actually have five or six schools that I like. I might go to Michigan and then go down to Pitt, so I can continue to narrow this down. I don't have a leader really. I have three or four in the lead, but I guess that I'm open. I want to analyze every aspect of the schools. It's a huge decision. It's the first big decision of my life. I want to analyze it from every aspect. I want to analyze everything and make sure it's the right fit, because when I give someone my word, it's going to be my word and they can take it to the bank."

Sweat recently made a trip to Notre Dame. While the Irish made a strong impression on him, there is still work to be done.

"When I went on the Notre Dame visit, I wanted to see what it was all about and I was very impressed," Sweat explained. "Then when I went to Ohio State, I was very impressed. I thought I'd go to one of those schools and they'd end up being one of my leaders, and maybe for 24 hours after my visit maybe they were, but after everything settled in, I'm still kind of open in a sense.

"I'm a big academic guy and the academic part [of Notre Dame] is like, whoa. I was really impressed with coach Brown. I like the facilities. I just was overwhelmed by Touchdown Jesus and the golden dome.

"I know they're recruiting me as an interior linebacker, but I know they brought in two last year. Coach Brown said that they are looking to bring in four or five this year. Even though I like competition, that's a lot of linebackers. If you look at a school like Ohio State, they have linebackers, but when I would go in the linebackers that they have will be graduating. They only took two last year, and one will probably be a safety.

The only school outside of his top six that Sweat has not visited is Florida. As Andrew mentioned, he will get a look at the Gator program.

"I have not been to Florida, but I'm going down there March 24," Sweat said. "They're the national champs and I'd like to see all the great programs in the country. I just want to know that the choice I make is the right one."

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