Crist Adds Offers and Visits

Notre Dame fans didn't expect the Irish to recruit a quarterback this year, but when you find a quarterback with big-time talent you just can't pass him up. One of two quarterbacks the Notre Dame staff has decided to pursue is Dayne Crist from Notre Dame High School (Sherman Oaks, Calif.) Crist is one of the top prep signal callers in the nation and he's planning to make a trip to South Bend.

Dayne Crist (6-foot-5, 225 pounds) already had scholarship offers from a number of top programs. LSU, Stanford and Notre Dame jumped in early so Crist has plans to check out each school in the coming weeks.

"I'm to going to LSU [this weekend] for their spring game," Crist responded when ask about his travel plans. "I'll be out there for a couple days. I'll go to Stanford the following week for a junior day. Then I'm going to Notre Dame in April. I think the dates that we're planning are April 11-14. If it works out, we'll be out there at the same time [as Anthony McDonald].

"It's a lot tougher scheduling trips now, but we're going to try to get out and see what the rest of the country has to offer. I have a very limited schedule in the spring and in the summer, because I'm pretty busy. Obviously those are big-time offers. They came in early so we were able to pencil the trips in and figure out a schedule. I'm happy it worked out like this, so I get to go out a see a couple great schools."

With four young quarterbacks already on the Irish roster another quarterback didn't seem to fit into Notre Dame's recruiting plans. But once Charlie Weis saw Crist's film the plan changed.

"Initially when they had offered coach Weis said that they weren't even planning on taking a quarterback this year," Crist explained. "When they saw my tape and Terrelle Pryor's, they said that they felt we were the two best quarterbacks in this class, and they thought we were both special. Coach Weis said that they were only going to take one quarterback, but that they weren't going to pressure me [to commit].

"I do want to commit before my football season starts. The goal is to [have decision] in June, but it's looking more like it's going to be sometime in May. We're going to stay in close contact [with Notre Dame] and I'm going to go out there in April and get some more questions answered. Then we'll see where we are at that point."

And what about the numbers at the quarterback position for Notre Dame?

"I'm a competitor," Crist said. "If you put two, three, or four guys in front of me, I'm going to compete. That's what I live for. I don't want to go and just be handed a position. I want to earn a spot. With Notre Dame that's definitely the case, I'm definitely going to have to compete. You don't play football just to go through the motions. You play to compete."

The competition for Crist's signature stepped up a notch this week, as he added Michigan to his offer list. Top Stories