You've Got Mail

It's hard to reach Ethan Johnson. He doesn't carry a cell phone, so college coaches can't text message him. His home phone can't dial out long distance, so he can't call those college coaches. That hasn't stopped Notre Dame's defensive coordinator Corwin Brown, and defensive line coach Jappy Oliver from building a relationship with the talented defensive end from Portland, Ore.

Both Brown and Oliver send Ethan Johnson a few emails a week.

"It's mainly Notre Dame, they are the only one that really emails me," the 6-foot-4, 265-pound Johnson said. "I'm getting to know their coaches a little better than everybody else's."

Johnson, who had roughly 80 tackles and 10 sacks last season for Lincoln High, holds scholarship offers from Notre Dame, USC, Auburn, Minnesota, Oregon, Oregon State, Colorado and most recently Arizona State.

"I email (Brown) and he emails me," Johnson said. "I also talk to (Oliver) on-line, and I'm going to be talking to them on the phone. I'm going to try and call this week.

"They email me about a lot of things. Spring practice or what I've been up to, what I do to work out, how much they want me. Stuff like that.

"No other school emails me as consistently. USC emails me once and awhile. They emailed me quite a bit before they offered me, but since they offered me not really."

Johnson is becoming a national recruit, getting mail from as far away as Florida. He has a max bench press of 330 pounds and reps 505 pounds squatting. He has a 3.1 core GPA.

Johnson guarantees that he will be taking an official visit to Notre Dame sometime after September, and has no problem going to school far away from home. His parents are high on Notre Dame.

"They definitely like Notre Dame because it's a great school, and they are on TV every weekend," Johnson said. "Those are two definite advantages of being so far away from home. Your family can still watch you on television."

The reason why Johnson doesn't own a cell phone is because he doesn't want to be bothered by it going off all the time. The modest high school junior also keeps quiet about his recruitment, so classmates and people in town aren't in his ear about what school he is going to go to. Most people don't know he holds scholarship offers from Notre Dame and USC.

"I just don't tell people," Johnson said. "I don't really like that much attention. Some people treat you differently, and some people don't. Not everyone knows. I've only been in the local newspaper once, so some people read that. The average person doesn't get on recruiting sites. They just know I'm a pretty good football player."

Notre Dame recognizes Johnson as a great football player. To realize that, all Johnson has to do is check his inbox. Top Stories