Pendleton Set to Visit Notre Dame

<P>Carl Pendleton is set to officially visit Notre Dame this weekend. I asked Carl about his visit and about what he will be looking for when he is at Notre Dame. </P>

Carl Pendleton has offers from Stanford, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Oklahoma State and Tulsa so far. He said he has been getting phone calls all week from all the top programs in the country.

I asked Carl how his first game went and if he remembered his stats. "We were down 28-7 at half and we came back to win 34-28. I had 4 tackles, 3 tackles for loss with one sack and two batted down balls. I didn't play the whole game at defense because I was playing offense as well.

I asked Carl why he chose to visit Notre Dame. "They have an excellent program in both academics and football. I am looking at my future 40-50 years in advance. That is the most important to me. I am looking for the best path for me to succeed. I want to major is criminology and sociology and end up in the F.B.I. I also have a dream to coach college football so I might try becoming a G.A. after college and see if I can get into coaching. I do want to get into the F.B.I. however but I would love to coach."

I asked Carl what other schools he planned to visit. "I will visit Stanford and Oklahoma for sure. I have been to OU quite a bit. I was just at the OU-ALA game and Alabama impressed me. That was the biggest college football team I have ever seen. Their lineman were huge. After that, I am not sure who I will visit.

Carl said he is excited about his visit to Notre Dame. "I am going by myself. I want to find out as much as possible about Notre Dame. I want to meet with some professor and see what classes might be like. Find out more about the coaching staff and the players. I want to find out everything I can about Notre Dame."

Comments. I think Carl is going to be very impressed with Notre Dame. If Notre Dame offers, I expect they will jump right up to the top. I think he will be very impressed with Coach Willingham. Will Notre Dame offer? Top Stories