Robert Hughes Gets A Look At Future Teammates

Future Irish running back Robert Hughes from Hubbard High School (Chicago, Ill.) made his way to South Bend to watch a spring practice. Hughes is always welcome, especially when a top recruit like Darius Fleming accompanies him.

Robert Hughes has been to Notre Dane a number of times and he's watched the Irish practice in the past, but this was his first trip to Notre Dame since he signed his letter of intent back in February.

"It was good to see them back at it. They looked real good," Hughes responded when asked about seeing the Irish practice. "It was cool. They were all working hard and getting after it."

Robert watched the running backs prepare behind a newly constructed offensive line. Hughes knows the competition for playing time will be stiff, but he's working hard to be ready to compete.

"We'll see how I do. If get down there and perform to my potential I‘ll have a chance to get on the field," Hughes said. "Travis is playing real well. He brings a lot of leadership to the table. That's a big positive for the team. But all of them are great players. They all look good. I'm just going to work hard and be ready to go.

"Demetrius and I hung out and went over some of the plays, so that I get a better feel for everything. I understand all the plays, I'm just trying to understand the protection. That's the only thing that's giving me trouble. It was my first practice seeing, so I think I should have in down before too long.

"Demetrius is doing great," Hughes said. "He understands the position that he's in and he's handling all the attention that's he getting. I think he's handling himself exceptionally well. He isn't buying too much into it. He relies a lot on his teammates and the coaches to help him. I think he's doing really well and I think he's conducting himself like a Notre Dame player should."

A guy Hughes would like to have with him at Notre Dame accompanied him to South Bend last weekend. Hughes brought St. Rita defensive end Darius Fleming with him to watch the Irish practice.

"He's a great guy," Hughes said of Fleming. "I think highly of him and I can understand why everyone wants him. I wish he were coming in when I come in. He's got another year of school he needs to finish up and he needs to work hard the whole year. He needs to make the best decision for his future and his family." Top Stories