Irish Back In Touch With Jenkins

Notre Dame has already landed two commitments from interior linemen for the 2008 recruiting class, but it is likely that they'd like to bring in at least one more. One of the best in the country is Josh Jenkins from Parkersburg High School (W.Va.) and the Notre Dame staff is trying to get him up to campus for a visit.

The Notre Dame coaching staff has always been interested in recruiting Josh Jenkins (6-foot-4, 285 pounds), they just didn't have a number to get in touch with him. Now that they have been able to get in contact with Josh, Notre Dame hopes that they have time to get in the recruiting race.

"Of course I have interest in them…its Notre Dame," Jenkins responded when asked if Notre Dame had a chance to earn his signature. "I hadn't heard from them in awhile, so there's a bunch of other schools that have been recruiting me hard, that I've started to like. I've developed some good relationships with some other schools and they're just showing up again.

"I hadn't heard from Notre Dame in awhile and then I got a text message from Coach Weis. He said he didn't want me to feel like they weren't recruiting me, they just didn't have my number. Coach Weis said that he and coach Latina were going to come out to my school on May 11.

"I've been texting with coach Weis since," Jenkins said. "Coach Latina and I have talking on the phone. We talked about everything really, but we've gotten caught up about things going on at Notre Dame. He said that they were going to be here in May, and that he wanted me to get over there sometime."

Jenkins is in the process of looking at his summer schedule, so he can visit as many schools as possible.

"I'd like to go visit Notre Dame as soon as possible," Jenkins explained. "I really want to see what their campus is like. I really want to see what they have to offer. I'd like to go to their spring game, but Ohio State's is the same day. Plus, I think I'm going to watch my brother's spring game at Ohio University. That's important to my family. We like to support each other. So I'll probably go watch him play that weekend.

"I want to make a lot of trips this summer. I don't know how many camps I want to do, but I do want to see how the offensive line coaches work. That's important to me. If I can see them in practice I'd like to. I want to see how coaches react to things.

"I've seen the new offensive line coach at West Virginia and I like how he coaches," Jenkins said. "I'm going up to an Ohio State practice next week, so I'll get a chance to seem them work."

Although Notre Dame is a little behind other schools at this time, they have plenty of time to make up ground.

"I really don't know which schools I like best to be honest with you," Jenkins said. "I haven't really thought about that. I like Florida, Ohio State, Alabama, West Virginia, Florida State… a bunch of schools. I'm really pretty much open. I still like a lot of schools. There are just so many schools and I haven't narrowed anything down yet." Top Stories