Moore Lands Irish Offer

Notre Dame will sign two tight ends in the 2008 recruiting class. Kyle Rudolph became the first to reserve a spot last week as he committed to play for the Irish. Another top prospect the Irish would like to add is Brandon Moore from Trotwood-Madison High School (Trotwood, Ohio).

Brandon Moore (6-foot-6, 230 pounds) has size and speed. He also has a long list of top programs that have offered him scholarships. Last week Notre Dame added their name to the growing list of top schools that want Moore join their squad.

"Coach Brown sent me a text and said that he wanted me to talk to coach Weis," Moore responded when asked about his scholarship offer from Notre Dame. "The next day I called coach Weis and he said that they were going to offer me a scholarship to play there.

"The conversation went real well. [Coach Weis] told me that I'd be a good compliment to Kyle Rudolph, that's the same thing coach Brown was saying. We'll play the same position, but they said that we're different players and that we'd be able to play off each other. He said that I have real good receiving skills and I run real good for my size.

"It was real exciting, because Notre Dame was one of my favorites even before recruiting started," Moore said. "I see them play every Saturday. It's a school that I see play a lot. It's a school everyone knows about. Everyone knows they have great football program and they play a lot of great teams throughout the season.

"They use their tight ends a lot so I was real excited when they offered me. I know that they're one of the better programs in the country, so this is a really big thing for them to offer me. I was real happy about it, they're definitely one of my top teams."

Moore visited Notre Dame last fall for the Purdue game. He doesn't have immediate plans to trip back to Notre Dame, but he will get back to South Bend eventually.

"I'm going to try to up to Notre Dame in the spring or the summer. We've talked about it, but we haven't decided when I'll make it up there," Moore explained. "I'm going to Michigan tomorrow. I'm going to get a tour and then I'll watch one of their spring practices. Michigan was the first football game I ever went to. It was last year when they played Vanderbilt the opening game of the season. I've been up there once, but that was before they offered. This time when I go up there I'll look into it more since they've offered me. They're the only visit I have set now, but I plan on visiting a lot more schools.

Brandon named Notre Dame, Georgia, Miami, Michigan, LSU, Iowa, Kentucky and Clemson as an early list of schools under consideration. He will consider how each school uses the tight end and that will weigh heavily in his decision.

"I'd like the coaches to go over what type of routes the tight end runs," Moore said. "But I'll also watch the games and see how they use them. I'm going to look at the receptions the tight ends has had over the last five years. How a team uses the tight end is important in my decision."

Moore had 19 receptions for 286 yards and one touchdown as a junior in 2006. Top Stories