Abiamiri Interested in Irish

<P>It has been a long time since the Irish have landed one of the top defensive end prospects in the country. Notre Dame is hot after Baltimore's Victor Abiamiri. The 6-5 240 pound defensive end is a sack machine and someone the Irish would love to see wearing the blue and gold. <//P>

The most important recruit of this class could be Victor Abiamiri. Victor brings size and 4.6 speed to a position that Notre Dame has been lacking at for quite some time. Notre Dame is recruiting Victor and his teammate Ambrose Wooden very hard. Victor has an interest in the Irish.

"I haven't set any visits yet. I know I will visit Stanford and Notre Dame for sure. They are two schools I am very interested in. The others I might visit are UCLA, USC, Maryland, UNC and Miami." Victor and Ambrose play for Gilman HS in Baltimore and they have already played two games and they were both against the top teams they will face this year. Victor walked away with 6 sacks in two games.

I asked Victor what would be the most important factors when he decides on which school to attend. "Academics are the most important thing to me. I am looking for the a school that has the best balance between academics and athletics. I have to really like the coaching staff. We have a really great coaching staff at Gilman and they build men of character. I want to find a coaching staff similar to the one I have here at Gilman.

I asked Victor if he has attended any college games this year. "I haven't attended any games but I watch them all. I watch every game I can but I don't watch the entire game. I keep switching back and forth checking out teams. I love college football." I asked Victor who was going to win it all this year. "I would have to say Miami again. They went down to the swamp and beat Florida and that is not easy."

Victor plans to take all 5 visits but will do it after his season is finished. "Ambrose and I have talked about going to the same school. I think we would both like that but I don't think either of us is going to pick a school because the other did."

Abiamiri said that he really doesn't have a leader at this point. "I really don't have a leader. I have two brothers at Maryland but that won't be a big factor. My parents understand that we are three different people and that I need to go to the school that best fits me. I just want to take my visits and then I will know which school is the best for me.

Comments. Victor, like Ambrose is one very impressive kid. Notre Dame is going to be in this race until end I believe. Can they win this race? I sure hope so because I think they also have a great shot at Ambrose as well. Victor is very key to this recruiting class.

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