Ryan Mundy Could Visit Irish

<P>Notre Dame is going to be searching the country for safety prospects. One player they are interested in is Pittsburgh's Ryan Mundy. Mundy is one of the top safety prospects in the country. He has visited Notre Dame in the past. Does he plan to visit Notre Dame on an official visit> </P>

Ryan Mundy got dinged up last game and had to sit out the final three quarters. In 5 quarters of play, he has 6 receptions for 140 yards and 2 touchdowns. His Woodland Hills high school team was featured on ESPN for Friday night highlights. I asked Ryan about that. "Yeah, that was pretty cool. I haven't even seen it yet. I guess they showed me catching a touchdown. I didn't tape it or anything but that was pretty cool. I don't get too wrapped up in those kinds of things. "

I asked Ryan if he has thought about which schools he might visit. "Yeah, I have given it some thought. I will visit Michigan for sure. Florida, I am not sure if I will visit Pittsburgh because I have been there so many times. I will probably visit Virginia and maybe North Carolina State."

I asked Ryan if he plans to attend any college games this fall. "I am pretty sure I am going to the Notre Dame/Michigan game this weekend. I want to go watch that. I am not sure if I will visit Notre Dame or not. I have been there a couple of times already and I will probably be going there again this weekend. I want to use my official visits for schools I haven't seen yet."

I asked Mundy which school he would be cheering for if he attends the game. "I will be a tweener that day. I won't cheer for anyone and just enjoy the game." Fighting Irish Insider isn't so sure of that. I asked Ryan if the rumors are true and Michigan is his clear leader. "I wouldn't say they are the clear leader. I like Pittsburgh a lot as well. They are my top two at this point. After that, it changes a lot."

Mundy did say he liked Notre Dame as well. "They are still in it. They would be in top 5 for sure. I haven't ruled them out or anything." I asked Ryan if defense is where most schools are recruiting him for. "Yeah, most schools are. I am playing defense but it doesn't matter, nothing comes my way when I am in there."

Ryan said he would narrow things down at the end of this month. He will come up with a top 5 and set his visits then. He said he thought he would take all 5 visits and decide in January sometime.

Comments. I think Notre Dame has a long way to go. I think Michigan is the clear leader here. I am not sure if Ryan has met Willingham yet but if he has and Michigan is still the leader, I would say that Notre Dame has little chance with him.

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