NJ Star Wide Receiver Will Visit Notre Dame

<P>Notre Dame already has two commitments from wide receivers in this class. They will keep looking for another and one guy who they might be that guy is Montclair New Jersey's Derrick Harper. The 6-2 195 pound wide receiver has plenty of offers from the elite programs in the country. Is he interested in Notre Dame? </P>

"I haven't played a game yet. We play our first game on Saturday. All of our games are played on Saturday so I won't be able to visit any schools during the season. I wish I could but with a Saturday game, I won't have time to get to any schools during the season." Harper has a lot of schools to consider. He has a lot of offers so far. "Do you want me to list them all? There are a lot and I know I will forget some. Maryland, Florida, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Minnesota and Clemson are some of them."

I asked Derrick if he has thought much about who he might visit. "I will definitely visit Notre Dame. My leaders might change but Notre Dame will always be in my top 5. I will probably visit South Carolina and Maryland. The other two visits vary from day to day."

Derrick did attend the Kick Off Classic and I asked him about that. "That was a great game. Notre Dame looked very good. I watched the Notre Dame/Purdue game as well. This week against Michigan will be a good test for Notre Dame. I have been watching a lot of college football. I love to watch all the games."

I asked Derrick if he has a time frame for his decision. "I wanted to make an early decision but now it looks like I will make a late decision. I just can't get out to see the schools because of my games being on Saturday. I want to be 100% sure on my decision. My parents have said that they will support whatever decision I make. They will leave it up to me and help me make the right decision. They want to go on the visits with me but we will have to see if they can get off work to make the visits with me."

Comments. Derrick is pretty excited about Notre Dame. I would guess that Notre Dame is his leader. He scored a 1010 on his SAT his junior year so he is set to go. I will guess he is a December visitor and I would not be surprised if it didn't go much further than that.

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