In the Film Room: Shayne Hale

Paul Moran is a former DI college quarterback, former college coach, and former college recruiting coordinator. He's also the current head coach of the North East Hurricanes, a semi-pro team that plays in the NEFL. We've asked Paul to take a look at a number of Notre Dame's top prospects for 2007, and here are his thoughts on linebacker Shayne Hale.

Linebacker Shayne Hale is another kid with an impressive list of offers who we will be hearing about on Saturdays in a few years. With an offer list that includes both Ohio State and Florida, he is in high demand and the Irish appear to have a shot at him.

Like Anthony McDonald, Hale is a complete linebacker with excellent skills for a junior in high school. I was surprised to see that he was only listed in the 220 pound range because he is an imposing looking player on film and he truly stands out on the field.

He is listed at 6-foot-3, and I wonder what weight the coaches will want to see him at in college. He has plenty of frame to add onto, but I certainly would not want to have the kid lose any speed. With his current body type, he could easily be in the 235-240 pound range and still be as fast as many running backs and certainly tight ends.

In my opinion, Hale is meant to play on the outside. Some folks were talking about him having the ability to play inside, but I just would want him on the outside. He covers a lot of ground and finds himself on the right spot on the field. That is tough to teach to young players and I think Shayne has good instincts.

He was devastating lined up on the edge going after the QB, and he looked equally strong dropping into coverage. Hale also is a true burner and he plays the field like a strong safety when he needs to. Imagine a guy who is all of 6-foot-3 and built like a house dropping into coverage. Watch his tape and you will see what I mean. Shayne is also known for punishing a ball carrier in pursuit. He is extremely fast for his size and he just runs right through players.

He takes a very good angle on his target and he just doesn't miss. Another thing I like about Shayne is his tackling technique. He squares up well, doesn't hesitate and smothers his target. Opposing blockers get thrown out of his way, and he doesn't miss much of a step in chasing down the ball carrier.

When reviewing his tape, I was dying to see him in a 3-point stance coming off the edge. His game reminded me a lot of Kerry Neal's with his ability to go through and around blockers and he was in constant pursuit. He would be a QB's nightmare coming off the edge but with the speed and size of the college game, he is definitely suited for the outside.

In a traditional 4-3 he can play both WILL as well as SAM because he is fast to the edge and also has the size and speed to drop into coverage. In a 3-4 he might be a good fit for either of the two inside positions also. Again, Shayne Hale is flat out impressive to watch playing his position.

I have been reviewing a lot of tape of linebackers and he may be the best I have seen on the outside. Big, super fast, physical and with good technique, he is going to make someone very happy with his commit. I am not sure of his interest in ND at this point, but he is a must get in my opinion. Top Stories