Floyd Has A Tight Schedule

Wide receiver Michael Floyd from Cretin Derham Hall (Saint Paul, Minn.) is one of Notre Dame's top recruiting targets for the class of 2008. Floyd will be one of the top wide receiver prospects in the nation and he's going to take his time negotiating the recruiting process.

Michael Floyd (6-foot3, 200 pounds) is a recruit Notre Dame fans will be keeping a close eye throughout the recruiting process. He has over 20 scholarship offers from programs like Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern, and UCLA. Floyd has a hectic schedule with track and basketball, but he'd like to get a closer look at some of the programs that have offered him.

"Right now I'm doing track and I'm about to start AAU basketball, so that's kind of taking up a lot of my time," Floyd responded when asked about the status of his recruitment. "We were suppose to have to two [track] meets already, but it's been so cold we haven't had them.

"Right now I have to get my schools down that I want visit. I need to look at my schedule and fit stuff in when I have time. Over the next month I'll see what I have time for. I want to go to some games for my official visits, so I have to make sure I have time for that. I have to make sure I have the time to visit those schools and see what they're all about."

Floyd is considering taking a few visits during the summer, but he hasn't laid out his schedule.

"My AAU basketball coach already knows that I'm going to college for football," Floyd explained. "So my coach said whenever there is something that comes up, to just tell him and he'll let me go. I think it's cool that he understands what is important to me.

"I've been to Minnesota so far, but that's because it's about ten minutes away, so I can just roll over there. I haven't really looked at going to any spring games, yet. I might go to Wisconsin because it's not that far.

"I don't know if I'll go to Notre Dame's spring game," Floyd said. "I have to talk to my coach to see if he's going down there. I really haven't talked to my parents about it so I'm not sure if I will."

"I haven't been to Michigan or Ohio State, but I'm going to have to look into when I can go over there."

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