Fauria Is Excited About His Latest Offer

Under Charlie Weis Notre Dame has become a tight end friendly program. The Irish already have a commitment from Kyle Rudolph, but they'd like to add an additional tight end. Joseph Fauria of Crespi High School (Encino, Calif.) is one of the best tight ends on the West Coast and the Irish are extremely interested in bringing him to South Bend.

Notre Dame continues to discover prospects that they'd like to bring into their program. Tight end Joseph Fauria (6-foot-7, 250 pounds) is the latest recruit to receive a scholarship offer and he is very interested in the Irish.

"Notre Dame actually sent me my first recruiting letter when I was a sophomore," Fauria responded when asked about his contact with Notre Dame. "After that I really didn't hear much from them until recently. I got a text message from coach Polian and he wanted me to call him. When I called, he put coach Weis on the phone, and coach Weis asked me if I would be interested in Notre Dame if they offered me a scholarship. I told him I'd definitely be interested, and that is when he offered me a scholarship.

"I've always been a Notre Dame and I've always wanted to play for them. I love the program and I love it even more since Charlie Weis got there. I wouldn't say that I'm a diehard Notre Dame fan, but I've always followed them.

"Coach Weis said that he understood if I wanted to take my time," Fauria said. "He wasn't really stressing committing right away. He said that they wanted to take two tight ends that can do different things in his offense. That's what he's trying to recruit."

Charlie Weis loves to utilize his tight ends in his offense and Joseph has a good resource to help him understand Weis' offense. His uncle Christian Fauria played under Weis for three seasons in New England.

"I talked to my uncle about coach Weis and he thinks Notre Dame would be a g great place to play," Fauria explained. "The offense is something that I'm going to look into, but it's something that I already know. I've seen it with my uncle and I've seen with the Patriots. I've basically watched every Notre Dame game, but I'm going to look into it even more.

"I don't know all that much about the school, but I'm definitely going to look into it. You're not just going there to play football. You're going there to get your degree, so I'm definitely going to look into it.

"I'm want to speak with my grandfather and my family about taking an unofficial out there," Fauria said. "I want to go out there as soon as possible and see what they're all about. I want to look at a couple schools out East, away from home."

In addition to his scholarship offer from Notre Dame, Joseph has offers from Ole Miss, LSU, UCLA, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon and North Carolina. Although he's followed the Irish for a long time, the local schools may have an edge at this time.

"I'm a little biased with schools in the area like Stanford, UCLA, and USC. The schools close to home have a little bit of an edge. If you have two really good schools recruiting you and one was close to home and the other was far away, the school close to home would have the edge over the one that's far away. I don't have any problem going out of state though, and distance isn't really an issue."

As a junior, Fauria caught 22 passes for 339 yards and four touchdowns.

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