Arthur Brown's Summer Tour

This summer Arthur Brown is going on tour. Maybe the nation's best prep linebacker, Brown, his younger brother Bryce and a few other Kansas kids with Division I football futures will hit the road visiting colleges across the country. Orchestrating the trip is Brian Butler, a local trainer, mentor and organizer of a group called Potential Players.

No potential about it with Arthur Brown, he is legit, currently holding over 30 scholarship offers. The 6-foot-3, 225-pound Wichita product will be the featured prospect on the tour, which will also include a stop at Notre Dame. Brown and company are expected to hit the road for unofficial visits sometime in July.

"Actually I'm really looking forward to that," Brown said. Bryce Brown will be one of the most sought after running backs in the class of 2009. "I think that will be a good thing for me, my brother and other guys working out with us, to have the opportunity to analyze schools, and get a good feel of what we really need to be looking for in different schools."

Brown holds scholarship offers from Notre Dame, Oklahoma, USC, Florida, Florida State, Georgia and Michigan to list a few. He has only seen the campuses at Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma and Nebraska. A few weeks in the van on the road will give Brown a better perspective of where he wants to play on the next level. He says he has yet to really eliminate anyone at this juncture.

"We have a pretty good summer tour coming and Notre Dame is on that list," Butler said. "Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Georgia Tech, all three Florida schools to start. On the way back, we'll come through Notre Dame and add Michigan to that list. It all depends on the geography and how we map it out."

Then Brown, his family, and Butler will begin crossing schools off the list, in hopes of getting down to a top five before the fall.

"We call it a house inspection," Butler said before going through the criteria. "With the type of schools he is interested in, all these schools are top schools, the academic portion is taken care of. They are going to fit his academic needs. He isn't going to be a dentist. Then obviously his position coach, that is very important. Who it is and how many people they have sent to the NFL. Then the whole coaching staff as a whole, The head coach after that is a third thing. After that Arthur is interested in different cultures, so we are looking for a school with very diverse students. There are a couple more detailed things."

"I have to feel comfortable where I'm playing, I have to feel comfortable with the people interacting with me on a regular basis," Brown said. "I have to be comfortable with the coaches, and I am looking for a place I can just jump right into the program."

Brown and his 4.47 speed, had 158 tackles, eight sacks and an interception for East High last season. Kansas State offered in September and the scholarship offers have poured in ever since.

Recently, Brown has started contacting coaches. He tries to call schools once a week, and Notre Dame is on that list. He has talked to Notre Dame defensive coordinator Corwin Brown a couple times.

"It's basically just conversation to store a relationship between the coaches and me," Brown said. "There really isn't much. Just that they are looking at me and wondering if I'm really considering them.

"I do understand that they have really good fan support, and that's always a good thing."

Butler also talks to Corwin Brown about once a week.

"I'm very impressed with coach Brown," Butler said. "He seems like an honest open person, and that's the main thing we're looking for. We want people to be people, not recruiters. That is one thing I found in coach Brown. He is very up front and very honest, and I'm definitely impressed by that. I personally would like to learn more about their coaches coaching backgrounds, just really seeing more about them as individuals, as people. That's what the world is based off of, people, and that is what's going to make a difference in the end. I think coach Brown will meet that criteria in the end."

At the end of Brown's summer college tour, there will have to be t-shirt made documenting all the stops.

"We're going to have them made," Brown said joking with a laugh. Top Stories