McCarthy Takes In Irish Practice

One of Notre Dame's top safety prospects was in town Friday to watch an Irish spring practice. Dan McCarthy of Cardinal Mooney High School (Youngstown, Ohio) is very familiar with the Notre Dame program, but this was a great opportunity for him to get a closer look at how the Notre Dame coaches work with their players.

Dan McCarthy (6-foot-2, 195 pounds) took advantage of some free time he had last week, to take a closer look at three of the top programs he is considering.

"I was on spring break last week, so I took advantage of the time I had," McCarthy responded when asked about his unofficial visits last week. "Thursday I was at Ohio State, Friday I was at Notre Dame and Saturday I was at Michigan's spring game. It was a good time.

"I think that they're all pretty similar. I think they all have great football programs, their academics are very good and I think that they're all headed in the right direction. They're three great schools."

Kyle has been to all of the campuses in the past, but he probably is more familiar with Notre Dame. Dan's older brother Kyle is currently playing safety for the Irish.

"Kyle kind of gives me some tips on how to handle recruiting," Dan explained. "Of course he's on Notre Dame's side, but he knows that I need to pick the place that's best for me. He wants me to find the best deal. He likes it up there and he thinks that coach Brown will be very good.

"It was good being able to see practice for myself. I didn't find out anything new. I just got chance to see how a regular day goes and get a look behind the scenes. I got to see how a normal day goes and how the coaches coach.

"I think they do a great job," McCarthy said. "I've talked to my brother about it in the past, but it was good to see for myself. I think they were intense, but at the same time I think the coaches explained things thoroughly.

"I think coach Lewis is a great coach and I think he knows his stuff. He mostly ran the secondary through practice, but coach Brown was also in there coaching. I think with coach Brown's new defense that they're going to do a lot of good things. I think coach Brown is going to do a good job and I think that they have the players to turn it around and make things happen.

Notre Dame and Ohio State have their spring game next week. Although Dan will be in South Bend, that shouldn't be an indication that he's leaning to the Irish.

"I was kind of up in the air about it, but my family is going to be headed to Notre Dame to check out my brother, so I'm going to go with them to watch my brother," Dan said. "I want to see my brother and I was just down at Ohio State, it not anything more than that really.

"This summer I'll probably head out to as many schools that I can and then narrow it down, so I can make a decision before my season starts. " Top Stories