Spring Game Weekend Plans

Like every game, we have plenty planned for Irish fans for the spring game this weekend. All Irish fans are invited to attend. Please click on the story for more details on our plans.

We're hosting a Friday night event to kick off the weekend. We will be at Bookmaker's Pub (the old Coaches bar) on Friday night starting at 5 p.m. Eastern on Friday. The bar is very close to campus on South Bend Avenue. We'll try to secure either a spot in the corner, or in the "deli" part of the bar. We should have a very large crowd, so just jump in and introduce yourself. We'll be hanging out for awhile, so stop by.

On Saturday, we'll be in the Joyce North lot. All the lots have lamp posts with numbers on it. Look for the No. 9 lamp post (close to the baseball field). We'll have an Irish Eyes banner, and I'll be driving a silver Nissan Pathfinder. We should be set up by 8:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. We'll have both breakfast and burgers (world famous CJ's Burgers) dogs.

We expect a very large crowd at the tailgate, and all we ask is you chip in a few bucks to off-set some of the cost if you'll be eating and drinking. We'll have plenty of food and beverage for everyone.

We're looking forward to meeting everyone. If you can't make the Friday event, please stop on Saturday.

I've attached a link to a map to give you an idea where our tailgate will be located. We will be in the lot marked C1 on this map.

Tailgate Map

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