Dever Is In Town

The annual Blue-Gold game is a big recruiting weekend for Notre Dame, but it is also an important weekend for next year's incoming freshmen. Nearly all of the members of Notre Dame's 2007 recruiting class will be in town for the game, including offensive lineman Taylor Dever of Nevada Union High School (Grass Valley, Calif.)

Taylor Dever (6-foot6- , 292 pounds) is enjoying his last days of high school, but he has his eye on his future at Notre Dame. Taylor made the trip to South Bend this weekend, where he'll get the opportunity to meet most of his classmates for the first time.

"My dad and I came in [Thursday] night and I'll check in the coaches [Friday] morning," Dever responded when asked about his trip to Notre Dame. "We'll grab some lunch and probably go to the bookstore. I'm actually going to meet up with coach Latina later on. He wanted to go over some plays to get me updated on everything.

"I'm definitely enjoying my senior year, but time has been going very fast. I just want to get in and hang out with all the guys. I'm looking forward to working out, having fun and going to school. [The day we report] is going to be here before I know it."

Dever played offensive tackle throughout high school, but it appears he'll begin his freshman year at guard.

"They've mentioned that I'll most likely start at guard, because they need depth at that position," Dever explained. "They said that they'd start me out there, but if I wanted to try tackle they'd give me a shot. There are some young guys already at tackle, so I think I'll be at guard. Wherever gives me the best chance to play is where I play."

Although the Notre Dame coaches have turned their attention to recruiting a new group of players for 2008, they haven't forgotten about the players they signed in February.

"They haven't put me off," Dever said of his contact with the Notre Dame coaching staff. "They always call me and check in to see what up. They sent the workouts and the playbook, so I've been reviewing that, but this is going to be the first time that we've actually sat down a gone over it.

"I've been working out with my high school team. I've being going out and running every morning with them. We do 100-yard sprints. As far as conditioning that's really the best thing that you can do. I'm trying to get quick, but I want to be in good physical condition too." Top Stories