Slaughter Likes What Irish Offer

Defensive back Jamoris Slaughter from Tucker High School (Ga.) was one of the top prospects in town for Notre Dame's annual Blue-Gold game. Slaughter wasn't sure what to expect when he headed north for his visit, but he left with a strong impression of the Notre Dame program.

Notre Dame has recruited the talent-rich state of Georgia very well in the past. One of the top prospect in the state is defensive back Jamoris Slaughter (6-foot-1, 170 pounds). He was one of several top prospects the Irish hosted this weekend for the annual Blue-Gold game.

"It was real good. I met with all the coaches, got a tour of the school. It was real nice," Slaughter responded when asked about his visit to Notre Dame. "We got there at 12:00 on Friday and coach Weis wanted to meet with me at 1:00. It was me and my family. He talked to us about the academics, about how the school was, how they want me there, because they think that I'm a good fit for the program.

"I met with the defensive coordinator, coach Brown. I was really comfortable with him. We have a real good relationship and he could teach me a lot of stuff. He played in the pros and coached in the pros. He said that he could just look at me and tell that I was a player. He asked me if I wanted to play corner or safety and I told him I wanted to play corner.

"He talked about personal stuff and about life," Slaughter said of his conversation with the Notre Dame defensive coordinator. "He likes coaching in college because he likes to see kids grow and he wants to be a part of that. He's a real good coach and there's a personal side to him that I like. We already have a good relationship.

"I met with coach Lewis. I really like coach Lewis. Everybody said that he'll tell you straight forward and he's a real honest man. He made me feel real comfortable."

Notre Dame set an attendance record for their spring game on Saturday with over 51,000 fans. Slaughter enjoyed the atmosphere and thought the fan support was impressive.

"I liked the atmosphere. I thought it was real good," Slaughter explained. "It was like a real game against a big team. I was really comfortable with the fans and the people up there. It almost felt like home. People in the crowd made you feel like you were a celebrity and I'm just a prospect. All the fans knew me. I was signing autographs outside with Brice Butler. It was a real good feeling out there. It's one big community. I liked it a lot.

"Coach Brown took me in the locker room after the game and he had me meet most of the secondary. They seemed like real cool guys and real good guys too. I was very comfortable with the players. They made me feel real welcomed once I got there. Everyone was talking to me and they wanted to know all about me. They asked me a lot of questions. I really felt welcomed and I got a warm feeling. Everyone is real nice. The coaches, the assistant coaches, everybody wanted to get to know me.

"I met Toryan Smith and Morrice Richardson," Slaughter said of two Notre Dame players from Georgia. "We talked and they told me that I should come up there because I'd like it. Morrice told me the reason he went to Notre Dame is that he really wanted to get away and see what it was like in other parts of the country. He was joking that it was cold up there, but he said that you get used to it. I wasn't really worried about the weather though. They have an indoor field and track anyway."

Slaughter didn't anticipate enjoying his trip as much as he did and despite knowing the academic reputation of the school, Jamoris came away impressed with what the school had to offer.

"The academic program surprised me," Slaughter explained. "The tutoring program for the athletes was real good. We met with an advisor, and he said that you're able to reach them at all times. Their graduation rate is something like 99 percent. They said only 8,000 went to the school and that also surprised me.

"The career opportunities and what they can do for you after you graduate is important. Coach Weis said that Notre Dame doesn't just help you out for four years, but it helps you out for 40 years. I really like that.

"Everything that I think about Notre Dame was real good," Jamoris said. "I really liked the people. I really liked everything. I can't think about anything that was bad. It was the best that I've seen."

Slaughter will have plenty to think about now that he is home. He has scholarship offers from a number of top programs, and he'd like to make his decision in the near future.

"I know Coach Lewis and coach Weis are coming to my school May 2," Jamoris said "Then they're coming down May 16 for the spring practice. We'll see how it goes from there. I'm looking around at different schools, before I make my decision, but I'd like to have a decision made sometime during the summer or maybe after our spring game.

"This summer I'm going to try to visit as many schools as I can like Alabama, Louisville, LSU and Clemson. I'm just going to keep looking, but I really like Notre Dame. Since I went to Notre Dame, it really opened my eyes to the Fighting Irish. I really liked it. I was really impressed." Top Stories