Forst Enjoys Visit To South Bend

Offensive tackle Art Forst Manasquan from High School (N.J.) made his visit to Notre Dame this past weekend to take in the annual Blue-Gold game. He was looking to get a feel for the football program and the coaches. Art saw what he needed to see and that means that he'll make a return trip.

Art Forst (6-foot-8, 305 pounds) knew going into his visit that Notre Dame had a lot to offer, so that wasn't an unknown to him. What he needed to discover is if the school was a fit for him.

"Notre Dame is a very good school," Forst responded when asked about his impressions from his visit. "It's classy, traditional… it's just a great, great school. It has great football. What coach Weis is doing there is very good. He's building a program and he's building a program in the right way. He's doing a great job.

"I met coach Latina and I like coach Latina a lot. He's one of the best in the business. He's a great coach. He recruits me and we have a very good recruiting relationship. This is the first time I've seen him in person.

"The meetings we had went very well," Art said of his conversations with the Notre Dame coaching staff. "The meeting we had with coach Weis went very well. I feel with the dynamics of the meeting with coach Weis that we got to know a lot about each other. He got to learn what I was about, what my dad was about and what my family was about. I got to learn what his program was about. I go to know what type of person he is and why he makes his decision. I'm learning how he operates and how he conducts himself."

This trip was about a fit between player and program. Art was comfortable with the Irish program, but there are a few other universities that he also feels comfortable with.

"Notre Dame is a fit. The program fits my personality," Forst explained. "They're about working hard on the football field and in the classroom and doing things the right way; maintaining the reputation of Notre Dame as an academic institution as well as an athletic institution. That's me...I do well in the classroom and I'd like to think that I do well on the football field, so, that's me. It fits my personality. It's a fit. It's a place that I could go and not regret.

"But I think other places fit. Rutgers is a fit, because of similar reasons. They want to work hard in the classroom and the football field. I like the coaching staff. Florida is another school that I think is a fit. Those are schools that I'm comfortable with and those are the school in my top three.

"Making my decision will be difficult. I like them all, but Rutgers is my No.1 right now, because home is No.1 for me right now. I'm not someone who needs to be home, but if I had to commit today, it would be there and I know I wouldn't regret going there.

"The thing about Rutgers is that it could be pretty cool being part of something new," Forst said. "I feel there is something happening there. There is something new. Its proximity is a plus and a minus; being too close to home and being too close too home.

"I know The coaches and I have a great relationship with the coaches. I like the offensive line coach. He teaches in a way that I understand. He teaches in a way that I can learn, and I like to learn. Coach Schiano and I are similar people and we have very similar values and similar things were interested in."

Florida is also a very strong academic school and you can't ignore the success the Gators have had on the field. Forst has visited Gainesville and he came away impressed. Art will take another look at both schools before he makes his college decision.

"I'm going to be going back to Notre Dame two or three more times," Forst said. "At least two more times, but I think three is the right number. I'll also go back to Florida. I used to say I'd make my decision before the summer, but now I think I'll make the decision before my season." Top Stories