Running Is My Passion

A new name that may appear on the a number of recruiting lists is athlete Lester Ward from Brenham (Texas). The 6-foot-3, 200 pound standout could make a difference at multiple positions, but Ward would like to have a shot at running back.

Notre Dame will likely sign one running back in this recruiting class, but there might be room for a player that can play multiple positions. Lester Ward has the speed to play receiver, but he'd like a shot at running back first.

"Running is my passion," Ward responded when asked which position he'd prefer to play in college. "I've been to a couple national track meets. I've been to state as a freshman and as a sophomore. I'm pretty big into track, so running is my passion. I'm a hurdler, so I use those techniques when I run the ball. I really don't think being tall or short makes that much of a difference. I think it has to do with you heart and your determination. If you make your mind up to do something then you can do it. You just have to have you mind set on doing it."

Despite missing six games last season, Ward rushed for over 800 yards. Notre Dame likes what he has seen from Ward would like to hear more from the Irish.

"Who doesn't admire Notre Dame," Ward said. "I haven't really had anything unique as far as my contact with Notre Dame. I've been receiving mail from them, but they haven't called them. I do keep my eye out for them though.

"I know it's one of the top schools in terms of graduation rate. It shows you that they care more about you as a person more than a player. When your graduation rate is high you can tell that they care about what happens to you after you leave school. I'd say that's a pretty big plus for Notre Dame.

"I'm interested in any school that is as prestigious as Notre Dame and that can help me do what I want to do in life," Ward said. "Notre Dame is definitely a nice school and one that I would consider. What I tell everyone else is that I pray about it and let God decide for me."

At this point Ward has two scholarship offers, but he expects more to roll in.

"I have offers from Baylor and Nebraska, Ward explained. "I've gotten a chance to communicate with the Baylor coaches. I talked to the Nebraska coaches briefly a while back. Baylor has picked things up, especially after spring break. I think Alabama, UCLA, Oklahoma and a couple other schools will be in the next couple weeks. It's pretty exciting.

"My relationship with Christ is very strong. Being a Christian, I allow God to map out my plan and I do believe it's up to him to decide .I have enough faith in Christ to allow him to show my his plan. Whatever he chose me to do I'll do." Top Stories